What Makes BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 Good for Everyone?

Advancement in technology in some of the past years results in rapid improvements in playbooks. Now a day playbooks that can handle multiple tasks have become the first preference of the people. Generally an operating system is considered as the heart of any playbook and majority of its functions depends upon the fact how better its OS is. Lot of operating systems is there in the market now a day. However this doesn’t mean that they all have same performance level. Some of them are not preferred by people because of absence of so many features in them while on the other hand some are known for their better performance. BB playbook OS 2.0 is one of the excellent examples of such OS.

Advantages of BB playbook OS 2.0

· Allows porting of several core languages like oops and JAVA.

· Open support for games and several applications in this OS.

· Allows the development of several applications through HTML 5.

· Users have the options to create new folders at different memory locations and this is something through which one can remember the location of stored data.

This OS is considered as best for everyone. For children there are lot of games and entertainment application. It support various study related applications and thus suitable for students of different professions for their study. This OS has been designed for businessmen also as it support several applications related with online and offline businesses.

Level of security

Security of an OS matters a lot and most of the time an OS is judged according to the level of security it offers. No other OS can provide security level provided by BB playbooks OS 2.0 and thus it make entire date secure. For personal use it is having the option of setting a password so that no other person can use the playbook rather than the one who knows the password.

Supported applications

This OS supports several applications of different categories. This OS allow the user to add and remove new applications easily and thus users can easily install more applications rather than using only those applications that are default applications in the playbook. This has increased the application areas of the playbook.

Role of BB Playbook OS 2.0 in Businesses

This OS is highly considered as best for several businessmen as it supports lot of business applications through which it becomes easy for the businessmen to keep an eye on several important aspects of their business. Because of this reason several businessmen has started demanding this OS for their playbooks. It supports several applications related with stock marketing and this is another major factor that makes it number one choice of businessmen.

BB Playbook OS 2.0 at Home

BB playbook OS 2.0 allows users to download high definition movies for entertainment. Multitasking of this OS is it’s another feature that attracts attention of lot of people and made it quite famous. The OS support applications by using them one can buy lot of stuff online by sitting at the home. It also offers a totally new experience of video calling, browsing and emailing to the users.

Open source OS

The primary benefit of this OS is that it is open source and one can download it free of cost. This is another benefit of this OS that attracts large number of people has started adopting it.

Customer satisfaction

Previous OS were having some complaints about their functionality with them and lot of users made complaints regarding that. This OS was especially designed by the developers to avoid such complaints. It is said that after the launch of BB playbook OS 2.0 the overall complaints of the users has been decreased by up to 75 percent. This clearly indicates that BB playbook OS 2.0 OS has large number of satisfied users.

One important consideration

It is always better to use genuine OS in order to make the product legal. Unauthorized or OS which are not genuine may stop working at any time and in addition to this there are large number of features that are absent in them. Moreover they can harm the hardware as well which might result in huge loss, so use of unauthorized BB playback OS 2.0 must be avoided.

The overall features of BB playbook OS 2.0 are huge in number and also its support to large number of applications is something that has made it suitable for everyone. When it is the matter of such an operating system that can provide lot of useful stuff to the users there is no other operating system that can be compared with BB playbook OS 2.0.


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