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We Love Auntie Lida Fund Drive

28 June 2007

Dear Friends, Supporters & all kind-hearted Art Patrons,

My Aunt (mother side), Ms. Florida de la Cruz Oropel, has been at the ICU of the Urdaneta Perpetual Hospital (Urdaneta Highway, Pangasinan) for a month now. She is struggling to stay alive. Although her family has not formally discussed matters with the rest of us, we respect and abide by their decision to help Auntie in her struggle. In this sad moment of our lives, we need prayers more than anything else. And we thank those who have been including her/us in their daily prayers.

The financial aspect of my aunt’s struggle to live has proven to be so much difficult than expected. The hospital bills, doctors’ fees and medicines are all piling up (and will reach the million mark soon). The family of my Auntie Lida has already been through a lot for the past month and my family has continually extended a helping hand to them.

Today, I have decided to launch, in my little way, a fund drive for my Auntie Lida.  Let’s call it “We Love Auntie Lida” Fund Drive.

All my existing large-scale artworks (with the exception of the AAP-winning artwork and my works owned by other institutions), digital prints and online digital collage are presented to the public, once again, for selling and/or public bidding. All proceeds will go to the hospital bills of my aunt. (I remembered that I have donated a set of artworks before to a fund drive for a stranger and that gave me an idea to do this.)

This page will be updated so that you will know which paintings and artworks were already sold and how much have we already collected for my Aunt. Auntie Lida is important to us and we love her so much. We hope you can help her by purchasing my artworks. I also welcome commissions with proceeds going directly to her fund drive.

How to purchase my artworks and help our Auntie Lida:

1. Select your desired artwork and contact me directly by texting or calling me at 09273945044 so we can discuss delivery arrangements. For large-scale works, please give us at the very least two days to facilitate delivery. Most of these works are not under my care so please give us time to get them from other galleries and institutions.

2. I have opened an account for this fund drive and have deposited a maintaining balance of P6,000. All payments for the fund drive must be deposited to this account:

Savings Account No. 0470371056
BANCO DE ORO (SM City Manila branch)

3. This online page shall be updated when a new artwork is sold and if new funds come in. Every art patron shall be mentioned on this page (unless they request for anonymity and as such shall be credited as “a kind-hearted soul”).

4. Although we appreciate financial donations, we do not encourage it without purchase of artwork/s because we want to preserve the integrity of this fund drive.

5. All my other art activities from June 2007 to July 2007 including film screenings, speaking engagements, freelance productions, and DVD sales shall all be given to this fund drive. Updates shall also be reflected on this online page.

6. If you would like to know more about the artist before purchasing his works, please visit this link (link to be posted tomorrow).

7. If you have a gallery or an alternative art space for the display of my artworks for the duration of the fund drive, we would welcome that. Please contact the artist at 09273945044, 09227149601 or e-mail him at [email protected] or [email protected]

7. Should the fund drive end, you will all be updated through this online blog.

Thank you for your kind attention and we hope that this humble fund drive may be of help to my Auntie Lida and her family. Her life is important to us. And you can be there to help her live. Let’s support the “We Love Auntie Lida” Fund Drive.

God is Great! God is Good! God is Eternal!


Elvert de la Cruz Bañares
Filmmaker + Artist + Auntie Lida’s Nephew


List of art works at sale can be found at http://elvert.multiply.com/journal/item/489

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