Today is Philippine Flag Day

Did you know that today, 28 May 2008 is Philippine Flag Day? Every Filipino household is encouraged to display the Philippine Flag starting today until 12 June 2008, our Independence Day (just a reminder, it was declared that 09 June 2008 is the holiday and NOT the 12th).

The law governing the proper use and display of the Philippine Flag is Republic Act 8491 (view the contents of the RA online here).

Anecdote: One time, our church organization had a Christmas Concert at Don Bosco Makati — I was a performer and a stage crew at the same time. With just five minutes before curtains up, I was advised that they cannot locate the Philippine Flag to be used during the singing of the National Anthem. Good thing, a multimedia projector and laptop was there. With the help of Microsoft Word, was able to draw the Philippine Flag and display it on the white screen in 3 minutes — wheew!

Now, this blog entry from Sharon Agoncillo (Marcella Agoncillo — one of our national heroes; she was one of the persons who sew the first Philippine flag — is her grandma) really made my day today, and to quote:

Survey Number 1

Shaws:  Do you still remember Marcella Agoncillo?
JC:  (gives me the look for 2 seconds).  Uhm, no.  Who is she?
Shaws:  Siya ‘yung tumahi ng unang bandera ng Pilipinas…
JC:  Ah, siya ba?

Survey Number 2

Shaws:  Do you still remember Marcella Agoncillo?
HM:  No, not really.  Who is she again?
Shaws:  Naku, nasaan kayo ng history lessons n’yo? :)

Survey Number 3 (this one’s my favorite)

Shaws:  Do you still remember Marcella Agoncillo?
DJ:  (smiles at me) Ay oo, ‘yung bading?
Shaws:  I hate you!  Bagsak ka sa history!

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