Some Students are Not What They Should Be

I am just sad on what’s happening to some of my students: they’re either late for class, or will not show up at all. Owing to the fact that their parents try their very best to send them to a good school, I guess these kids do not realize that they are wasting time and money.

Some are those type of students who will just go to class for the sake of, say, signing the attendance sheet. You will see no effort in them to learn beyond what their professors had taught them.

But I am still happy, ‘coz the above is just but around 10% of my students this term.

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  1. Sir Bob! What`s up? It`s been a while since I last visited your site! Love your new design! It`s very peaceful and refreshing! Haha..

    Anyway, about your entry.. Hmm.. Have to admit, I`m like that as well sometimes. We all are! Lotta reasons actually.. Maybe the biggest factor for me is the interest on the subject. Pag di ko trip, I don`t exert much effort. It`s not my thing eh.. Simple as that. It`s just me. =p

  2. Hei sir bob!! well i totally agree with this..some students take it for granted without realizing the efforts that there parents are giving them. As what they say Benildeans are apathetic..well not all coz im not one of them..agree ka ba dun sir? This is the second time that i am under you. Anyways, i love your new design..sobra!! simple yet very catchy..Cheers!!!

  3. Hi Omel! Of course, you do not belong to the 10% that I had mentioned above. I know that you’re trying your very best not to outwit your classmates, but to improve yourself.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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