Skyway Marshals: Ignorant or Simply Arrogant (Updated!)

Dear CMMTC Skyway,

Let me tell you what happened to me tonight on the way home at around 1900H:

Going home, my usual route from SLEX is towards EDSA-Magallanes turning right to Rodriguez Avenue in Bangkal, Makati City. Yes, that barangay where the doomed West Tower is.

Some 20 meters from EDSA along Rodriguez Avenue (a one-way street from EDSA going in to the village/barangay), a white pick-up truck with blue & red strobe lights mounted on its top came out of nowhere some two (02) cars in front of me.

At the corner of Gen. Cailles St (yes, I know all of the streets in the village by heart as I grew up there), this white pick-up truck with blue & red strobe lights mounted on its top turned on its headlights into high beam: somewhat signalling me to pull over and give way to it. Heck! I was at the right of way, in the first place, and he’s just making a counter-flow to a one-way street) so I did not obliged, thus turned my headlights into high beam, too. The white pick-up truck (yah! the same vehicle with blue & read strobe lights mounted on its top) honked on me. One this is noticeable, the sound of its horn is similar to the ones being used by PNP and PSG vehicles — yes, a siren (di ba bawal na yun?!)! As I pass by the vehicle, I lowered my window and I can see the sharp look of the driver in uniform (and cap) at me. Not intimidated, I uttered, “bossing, one-way ang pinasukan ninyo” even if I noticed that his window is not rolled down. As there was already around two or three cars behind me, he had no choice but to pullover and give way to us. As I peek in my side mirror, I can clearly see at the rear of the pick-up truck the words “SKYWAY PATROL xx” — I can’t clearly see the number as it was night time already and that corner of Rodriguez Avenue is somewhat not well lit.

So, it was one of your Skyway Marshalls who’s driving the pick-up truck, right? The thing is, how can you instill discipline amongst motorist when your people, themselves are the ones not following even the simplest of traffic rules & regulations, such as a one-way street?

I already sent email to [email protected] and [email protected], just in case you missed reading it. Don’t you worry, next time, I’ll make sure that I will get the pick-up truck body number and picture, if I can.

Thank you!

(Image taken from here)

Update 01: Here’s the response of the Skyway management ..

24 November 2010

Dear Mr. Reyes,

We have eventually learned from the Traffic Officer driving the patrol vehicle and his companion Traffic Enforcer that your report of the incident was accurate and indeed took place after they had dinner at a nearby eatery. They expressed regret for their actions and are extending their apologies to you.

In our company, the assignment of our Traffic Management, Security and Safety Department (TMSSD) staff to Patrol Vehicles is considered both a significant honor and a great responsibility. Because of their actions that night, we have determined that the errant Traffic Officer and Enforcer no longer deserve our confidence to be on a Patrol Vehicle.

Effective today, the Traffic Officer has been assigned to help direct traffic on interchanges (i.e. Bicutan and Sucat) and the Traffic Enforcer to patrol on foot the on and off ramps (i.e. Don Bosco, Amorsolo, Buendia, etc.). The investigation report and findings shall be included in their official company records. The incident and the action taken by us will be
included in the forthcoming briefings of our other TMSSD Patrol Vehicle staff.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the Skyway O & M Corporation.

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to report the matter to us.

Ramon M. Borromeo
Officer-In-Charge, Office of the President & CEO
Skyway O & M Corporation

P.S. All our Patrol Vehicles and Motorcycles have authority from the government to possess and use sirens and blinkers. We remind our staff that they are authorized to use sirens and blinkers, not to abuse them.

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  1. Yes Mr. Ramon is right. Pls. investigate you’re MATES in SLEX too, Alabang going Calamba. There’s a lot of magic going on. One of my friend hit by a truck at behind and the investigator sue him with 3,000.00 pesos and he need to attend seminar at LIPA LTO, reason involvement to accident. You can see in his table lots of License. Doing delaying tactics so that people will force to pay him a big amount of money. Thanks, Juan

  2. Please email to me any complaint against any employee of MATES. It will help a lot if you can also include your phone contact numbers so your complaint can be responded to immediately. Thank you very much.

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