Removing “Ghost Videos” in BlackBerry Bold 9700

First things first: “I am NOT talking about those nasty videos showing “unknown supernatural entities or what we know as ghosts”.

Being a techie person, I had subjected my BlackBerry Bold 9700 to several tests and trials. One of which was testing different video formats and encoding to see if they will play in the device — take note that the files were saved in the microSD card (media card). As a matter of practice, after the tests were done, I usually delete the file(s) from the device. However, I had noticed that the files I had deleted previously are still listed inside the Media section of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Kinda weird, but my research paved the way for a solution.

BlackBerry Storm 9000 owners were faced with the same problem — deleted media items in the microSD card still appears in the Media list of the device. The normal work-around is to pull the BlackBerry’s battery out then restart the unit. In my case, it didn’t worked. Another work-around is to pull the microSD out of its hatch then re-insert it prior to restarting the device. It worked, but such a hassle to do it whenever I delete a media item.

Then, I came across a BlackBerry user’s forum, the solution posted was simple:

In the BlackBerry Bold 9700, go to Options -> Memory. Press the menu button and choose Remove Media Card. Then, press the menu button one more time and choose Install Media Card.

This method will show you the updated list of media items in your BlackBerry Bold 9700’s microSD card.

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  1. just go to the memory option on tools and click the menu button. click on repair. i clicked to repair both internal and external memory so i dont know wich one fixed the problem.

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