Reflection on Teamwork

The culminating activity in our Business Planning Session last week was a film showing of Miracle, a Disney film release circa 2004. It was starred by Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks. the legendary US Ice Hockey coach who led his team grabbed the Gold Medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics — against the Russians. This is a true story.

As a backgrounder, The last time the USA won the gold medal in Ice Hockey was in 1960. Since then, it was the Russians who dominated the event every Winter Olympics. With just seven months before the opening of the 1980 Winter Olympics, Herb Brooks was asked to coach the team, composed of amateurs from different colleges and universities. Apparently, his decision of not to have professionals in the roster proved him right. At the beginning, since the players came from different rival schools, they seem to be playing on their own. Every time that Herb will ask a player, “What is your name? Who do you play for?”, the players will respond that they are playing for their school. Then came the time, during their first exhibition match, that they were nailed by the visiting country, 5-1. Instead of going home after the match, Herb decided to have an impromptu  training — it was here when the players realized that they should be playing for the USA, and not for their own schools.

Enough of the film, just go to the video store and rent/buy a copy of it.

While watching the movie, I realized that it is something that our national athletes lack: teamwork. Based on my opinion, the players are not really playing for the country, but for themselves. Thinking of the sum of money they will bring home if they will receive an Olympic Gold, and the fame (read as endorsements) that goes with it. I guess, the POC needs to have a film showing of Miracle to our players on of these days.

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