Red Ribbon Delivery FAIL

A week ago, my wife and I ordered for a cake in time for the 3rd birthday of our son yesterday, 04 Sep 2010. Since Goldilocks do not carry the Ben 10 cartoon design, we had no other choice but to place the order with Red Ribbon Bakeshop at Waltermart Pasong Tamo. I had explicitly instructed the store manager when we placed the birthday cake order to have it delivered at McDonald’s Greenbelt by 1430H of Satuday, 04 Sep 2010 (since the party of my son will start by 1500H; and I do not want the burden of picking-up the cake, and transporting it from Waltermart to Greenbelt without damaging the cake). The delivery charge for cake is not cheap at PHP300 (as taxi fare from Waltermart Pasong Tamo to Greenbelt will just cost at most PHP60) — but talking about convenience of not to worry about the cake before the party starts, I thought to myself, it’s nothing.

Came the birthday of my son. We were at McDonald’s Greenbelt by 1415H, as we are expecting the cake to be delivered in 15 minutes time. Came 1435H and the cake hasn’t arrived yet. I tried calling the delivery hotline of Red Ribbon to make a follow-up, but I was advised that since I ordered the cake at one of their branches, I need to do the follow-up on that particular branch. So I was given a number of Waltermart Pasong Tamo. The problem now is that, when I tried to call the number given to me by their delivery hotline, no one is answering. On my third try, finally I got an answer — a fax tone!

It’s now 1455H, and the cake is still nowhere at sight and the party is about to start, I decided to hail a cab (since I was parked at the 4th level of Greenbelt car park already) and sped off to Waltermart Pasong Tamo — leaving my family at the party venue. I arrived at Red Ribbon Waltermart Pasong Tamo 10 minutes after (traffic is not that cooperative along Pasong Tamo) and I asked where the birthday cake for my son was. To my surprise, the cake is STILL lying at the store — waiting to be picked-up (per the store manager). Are you kidding me?! I paid extra 300 bucks and now you’re telling me that the cake is for pick-up?!

The store manager hurriedly asked one of their staff to go with me and bring the cake to Greenbelt. On the way out of Waltermart, I asked the Red Ribbon staff if they have a vehicle to deliver the cake, and I was told that we shall be hailing a cab. Mama Mia! When we reached Greenbelt, it seems that the Red Ribbon staff is waiting for me to pay the cabbie — hell no! Why would I pay for it?!

In the end, the cake reached the party venue LATE. The bad part — it stressed me out; turned my happy emotions to being furious; I missed the arrival of some of the guests.

Better think thrice of having your birthday cakes delivered by Red Ribbon next time.

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  1. tsk tsk tsk…kung sakin nangyari yan bob…sabog na ren nung minuto na yun ang branch na yon! tsk!..anyway….maligayang bati sa beybi mo! salamat sa information…hindi hindi ako magoorder don! hhhmmm

  2. Oh my goodness! Thumbs down for Red Ribbon – especially to the store manager at Pasong Tamo branch. It’s really his oversight that caused this. :(

  3. big fail! tumawag ako para mag pa deliver.. sabi sakin possible pa daw ma ma-ideliver ung order ko, na putol ung line (conversation) after 3 minutes nung kinukuha na ng operator ung address and contact details ko.. then tumawag ulit ako, para i-confirm kung matutuloy ung delivery, bigla sabi ba naman not possible na daw na ma-ideliver ung order ko.. boooo

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