PickEm-damaged Treo Fixed!

Without any further reading, I installed PickEm on my Treo 600. The app let’s you zoom to an object while using the Treo 600’s built-in camera (that does not have zoom). The down side is that, after some time, all the pictures I take using the original Treo 600 Camera application or in PickEm simply gets redish.

Searched the WWW for solutions but to no avail. Yesterday, while searching for new apps to install on my Treo, I found this nifty utility: Cameratest (for Palm OS) at http://mytreo.net/downloads/details-111.html

There is this section in the Cameratest app that allows you to delete values in the camera’s current settings. Read one of the reviews that if you want to bring your camera back to factory settings, all you need to do is to delete all of the values in the current settings. Did it. And it worked!

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