Latest PayPal Transaction

This is to document my latest PayPal Transaction, actually, the first since PayPal allowed Philippine users to receive payments (I was using a US address since 2006, but changed it to my local one last September 2007).

Type of PayPal Account: Business
Member Since: 2006
Debit Card: UnionBankPH EON Cyber Account

I received a payment from a client last 19 November 2007 (yes, that’s from you Kat!). Withdrew the funds from PayPal to my UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron card with a transaction fee of US$5, on the morning of the same date. PayPal said that it will take 5-7 business days for the funds to be credited to my Visa card. Last night, I checked my EON Online Banking account, and indeed the amount from PayPal is already credited.

Total Waiting Time: 5 working days.

So, for the skeptics, PayPal really works with UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron Cyber Account.

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