Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Day 02

Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 Day 01

After a tiring travel from Manila to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, a good night sleep at our hotel rooms is a welcome relief to recharge some energy needed for the next two (02) days.


Mornings at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is somewhat similar to downtown Manila: food vendors along the streets and intersections, as the busy workforce heads to their respective work places.


Another similar thing between Manila and Kuala Lumpur: people crosses the street wherever they like Smile 


No less than Mozilla Foundation’s Chairperson Mitchell Baker opened the Mozilla Camp Asia 2011 (or simply MozCamp Asia 2011), giving all of the attendees a glimpse of what’s in store for Mozilla in the future.


After the coffee break, the participants were given some time to prepare for the Community Lightning Talks. Each of the community representatives were given two (02) minutes to introduce their locale to the entire Mozilla organization. Below, you will see my fellow Mozilla Reps from the Philippines busy outlining what Jun Barrun will be presenting (while I am busy finishing my coffee and taking photos .. hehehe):


Last to be called during the Community Lightning Talks is the Philippines (didn’t know if William Q – who is half Pinoy, half French; and is from Mozilla’s marketing team; based in Paris – intentionally did that .. hehehe).


After the last session for today, we were whisked via tourist buses to Restoran Seri Melayu, which was actually just a few blocks away from the Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, where dinner will be held while enjoying a cultural presentation.


While waiting for the other participants to arrive at the dinner venue, we took time taking our pics with the majestic Petronas Tower in the background.


The Philippine contingent to the Mozilla Camp Asia 2011: (L-R) Juned Sonido, Allan Caeg, Joell Lapitan, Eusebio “Jun” Barrun Jr., RenRen Gabas, and of course, ME!


The Malaysian cultural presentation started with a “kulintang” group. This musical instrument is a testament of how the Malaysian’s (or Malays) influenced the Philippines. Head down south of the Philippines (Mindanao), and you may see a lot of people still playing the “kulintang”.


After dinner, we stayed at the Restoran Seri Melayu for some more minutes, then decided to join the group of Mozillians heading to the Petronas Tower for sightseeing.

Here’s my zoom shot of the Petronas Tower bridge from the Restoran Seri Melayu parking area:


The bus ride from the Seri Melayu to the Petronas Tower took a total of around 2 minutes … that’s how near it is! Upon arrival at the Petronas Tower, all one could say was, “Wow!” Truly majestic!


The front side of the Petronas Tower has a very long walkway, where people can stroll or simply sit back, relax, enjoy, and take pics of the twin towers.


The first few floors of the tower is actually a mall, comparable to that of Greenbelt 5 – both in structure and the prices of things that are being sold therein.




After the mall closed at around 10PM, we decided to head back to the hotel to catch some sleep and rest for the Day 2 of the MozCamp. At first, we thought of just walking back to the hotel from the Petronas Tower, but since it was drizzling, we decided to take the cab – for experience and as a precautionary measure, not for us to catch any flu or cold.

It just took the taxi cab driver three (03) stop light turns, and we’re back to the hotel! Cost of the ride: MYR14 (around PHP195) with the taxi meter flagged down + MYR5 as toll for falling in line at the Petronas Tower Taxi Line.

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