It Will Be a Boy!

Last Friday, I accompanied my wife for her bi-monthly checkup. Her OB made a scan of her tummy, known as ultrasound. A month ago, her OB told us that most probably (75% sure) it will be a boy. And it was confirmed last Friday.

Yesterday, my wife insisted on bringing her to In My Womb at Park Square, Ayala Center Makati. We signed-up for an ultrasound package that will produce 2D (black & white), 3D (sepia-toned images), and 4D (movie file) images of our baby. When asked what will be name of the child when born (so that it may be encoded on the computer), I replied with:

The doctor didn’t know how to spell it out correctly (especially the XEON part, she first spelled it as ZION), so my wife gave her the precise letters. Hehehe. However, our baby is not that cooperative yet. It’s either that he will cover his face with his two hands or will face the inner sides of the womb, thus giving us an unclear image of his face. But there was a snapshot wherein the profile of his was seen. Reyes na Reyes. Hahahaha. But the eyes, I think, is of my wife: singkit! Based on the images we saw yesterday, it will really be a bouncing baby boy (weighs 4++ lbs already — still inside the womb).

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