Is That What You Call as eCommerce?

Remember my post about I am thinking of forgetting everything I had said about them. Just this morning, I made an EFT via Banco De Oro to their account, talking about electronic transactions — as I will always top-up my account with them. I advised them via email (including the screenshot of the transaction) of the EFT, and even sent an IM to their “online support”, and know what was their reply? “Sir, tomorrow pa ma-load yan kasi holiday.”

WTF?! You call that Electronic Commerce? You’re closed on Holidays?

Prior to this top-up transaction, just this Saturday morning. I made an EFT then advised them via email and IM. It was already Saturday night, and no top-up was made to my account yet, so I tried to reach their office landline — no answer. I even called their mobile number(s) and still no answer. Finally, I got a response Monday morning. Huh?! Online transactions indeed!

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