Internet Dial-up Using Smart 3G & LG KU250

lg-ku250.jpgYesterday, I dropped by Smart Wireless Center in SM Mall of Asia to renew my Smart Broadband contract (huh?! you may say, but Smart Bro is serving me good for my personal use). As a token of their gratitude, they gave me an LG KU250 Prepaid Phone Kit (costs around Php5,000 and it is 3G). I always wanted to try connecting to the internet via a PC/laptop and a mobile phone. I am NOT successful with GlobePH, so I wanted to try this time with Smart.

The Customer Service Agent at MOA gave me the dial-up number *99***1#, so I immediately created a dial-up connection with this number once I reached home. First try, nah! It didn’t worked. Called their Customer Service Hotline, and gave me a new dial-up number *99# — still does not worked. Then finally, a second call to their Hotline, the CS Agent told me that I need to install the LG PC Suite to use 3G dial-up.

So I tried to install the LG KU250 PC Suite using the mini-CD-ROM provided, but the next problem I encountered is that the LG USB Modem Driver provided is NOT Windows XP Certified — it won’t install on my PC (running Windows XP 2nd Edition with SP3). Surfed the internet and landed on a possible solution. Tried re-installing the USB Modem Driver, and wallah! It worked!

Now, here’s the settings in the LG PC Suite that worked my way connecting to the internet via 3G:


My Windows XP Internet Connection status tells me that I have a 115.2Kbps connection, but reached somewhere between 250Kbps to 350Kbps.

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  1. i also subscribe at smartbro but they didn’t give me any gift for renewing my contract with them… how did you renew it anyhow?

    btw, what customer service did you call… the *888 or *1888 ?

    thanks :P

  2. Hello @sirEMAN! I did not called them, I just went to a Smart Wireless Center and brought my bill — it was printed there last March 2008. When did you renewed your contract?

  3. the only missing that made it work by installing these ‘suites’ was the connection string on the ‘extra initialization string’ of modem properties (device manager) that usually have the value AT+CGDCONT=,,”internet” for smart and +CGDCONT=,,”” for globe (not entirely sure about the globe though, i vaguely remember it)

  4. i want to know if smart can support LG KU250 video call internationally, coz my fun now is 6280 n im using globe, i have wasted so much time going back n fort just for them to activate my 3g setting but all the settings they are sending me occurs as an error to my fun. and just yesterday while suffing the net, i have found out that globe can’t support my fun, im wondering whether can smart support my fun o if i buy LG KU250 i will be able to have video call internationally. need a reply please…….

  5. sir how can i connect using my nokia7610 as modem using smart? i use nokia pc suites but it disconnect immediately,can i do it in the dial up? can u tell me step by step? tnx sir.. Godbless

  6. yeah, most of the Smart customer service are idiots / not smart….may be they are from globe hahahaha….

  7. do you know a site where I can download LG PC Suite for my LG KU250? Pls email me. Thanks!

  8. Can anyone help? I try to installed d PC Suite, n follow everything d author(Bob) do. But wen i try to click the connect in PC suite, always one small window pop out says (TE connection fail), wats dat mean? n How to fix it? Thanks in advance. or any other means can connect to internet? like without PC Suite?

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