Going to Malaysia for the Mozilla Camp Asia 2011

For the very first time, I will be flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (and for the very first time I will be taking a low-cost carrier — AirAsia Philippines) to attend Mozilla Camp Asia 2011.


A delegation of five (05) Volunteers and Mozilla Reps from the Philippines has been invited by the organization to attend this 2-day conference from 19-20 November 2011.


The theme of the 2011 Mozilla Camp Asia will be Many Voices, One Mozilla, to celebrate the diversity of our regional communities and reinforce that we’re united as Mozillians.

Taking it to the next level

This MozCamp will be an exceptional event for all of us. The web is moving fast and Mozilla is growing ever faster. MozCamp is a unique opportunity to meet together and synchronize our vision and activities across East, South East and South Asia as we prepare for 2012 and beyond.

It will be a critical event at a critical moment for Mozilla, where we’ll be discussing the main projects that are powering Mozilla today while diving deep into the new ones that will power it tomorrow.

The focus will be, first and foremost, on us as a community, the diverse group of individuals that, every day, push the Mozilla Project forward and help make the web better and more open for users. We will have a special focus on how we interact with the project and with each other, on our personal growth as Mozillians, and how ultimately we can take the Mozilla Project to the next level.

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