Garduce: 3rd Pinoy to Summit Everest

It’s a 1-2-3 finish for the Pinoys summiting Everest this week, as Romi Garduce reaches the peak around noontime yesterday, just 10 days before the anniversary of Hillary’s historic first successful climb of Everest.

Romi Garduce on top of Everest

(Photo courtesy of and GMA News, taken thru Romi Garduce’s Contact 3.0 software on his PocketPC device)

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  1. Dale’s picture will speak for itself, if you check his summit picture in, the Nuptse’s jagged summit ridge is vissible from behind and below dale, now check and click and enlarge the second picture from Everest speed climber Christian Stangl. The picture was taken by Stangl himself from atop Everest, there’s the proof!
    I salute dale for his feat! he did actually reached the summit! and he is telling the truth.! Enough with Mr. Francisco of the UP mountaineers and others. Ayaw lang nilang masapawan. Give Dale the credit, it’s a pity for fellow mountaineers like Oracion, Emmata and others to put him into the bad light! he maybe the boy who cried wolf many times in his past. As the story goes…. in the end he was telling the truth!
    Mabuhay ka Dale for being the first Filipino on top of Everest!!!
    God Bless you…

    Kapitbahay na inis kay Dale.

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