TurfSite Computing, Inc. (http://www.turfsiteph.net) is recognized by Directi (http://www.directi.com) as one of the Leading Philippine Webhosting Companies. That is something to be proud of. But another thing that makes me proud is that TurfSitePH.net and Mozcom.com are now equal, based on the chart above. Hehehe…

Sweet revenge. I used to look up to Mozcom.com as my ISP wayback early this decade. Then came the time that they “snatched” a website development project from my team, during the early days of TurfSitePH.net operations. Now, we’re just equal when it comes to client base!

For current TurfSitePH.net clients, thank you for being with us throughout these years. Please do watchout for an exciting improvement on our website hosting services very soon.

Ikaw, may websayt ka ba? Visit http://www.turfsiteph.net now!

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