Creating a Legacy of Filipino Influencers: Bannister Academy

Summer is just around the corner, and most Filipinos are already planning trips to the beach with their families. But for some parents, the summer season presents an opportunity to evaluate different schools for their kids. The wise parent knows that preparation is the key to preventing the stress and hassle of a last-minute enrollment.

The choice of a grade or high school is critical since these institutions will have a lasting impact on the intellectual and personality development of your son and daughter. After all, aside from the home, most of their time will be spent in school, interacting with their teachers and classmates.

For those looking for a fresh alternative to education, Bannister Academy is the perfect school.

Bannister Academy was founded on the principle that a liberal education—which balances science, culture, and society—is the best way to prepare young minds for the relentless pace of the 21st century. Students learn to see the big picture without sacrificing depth. They practice creating relationships between specific areas of knowledge and solve problems in original ways. This approach empowers the Bannister student with the ability to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.

Kids also need a proper social education. Bannister’s high standards make it an attractive option for students with average and above-average skills. At Bannister, students are allowed to stand out, be confident, and acquire learning habits that last a lifetime. Students are taught “how to learn” so they can develop excellence in their own individual way without sacrificing quality. They become passionate about transcending their limits.

To accomplish this, Bannister Academy integrates character education in all subjects and extra-curricular activities, making sure these values (maturity, freedom, and responsibility, and spirit of service) are consistent with the developmental stages of the child. A one-of-a-kind teacher-student mentoring program gives education a personal touch. Students aren’t “instructed,” they are nurtured and guided. It’s not Subject 101, it’s Learning One-on-One.

Parents will have a chance to witness the Bannister system in action during the Open House. Guests will be able to watch class demonstrations in Social Graces, Filipino, Art and Reading.

“We promise parents three things,” Dr. Antonio Torralba, co-founder of Bannister Academy, “First, we focus on practical education. We want students to become books-smart and street-smart. Second, through our mentoring program, we keep pace with the kids, and we can be as crazy and fun as they need us to be. Third, we encourage parents to be involved with their child’s education, to share the responsibility and help their child explore and develop their social intelligence.”

Start the summer right. Give your child a head start.

Bannister Academy offers personalized education through its unique system of mentoring. The school balances its dedication to academic excellence with an emphasis on social intelligence in students, allowing them to realize their full potential. Bannister Academy is located inside Circulo Verde subdivision, Calle Industria, Quezon City. Find out more by visiting or call (+632)975-9625 or mobile (+63917)711-0100.

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