BlackBerry OS 7.1 Now Available in the Philippines!

But before you celebrate, the BlackBerry OS 7.1 update is only available (as of the moment) to Bold 9900 users. You may had read it in different Pinoy technology blogs earlier this week, but contrary to what they had posted in their sites (which I assume came from RIM’s local PR partner), the operating system upgrade is not pushed using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Frustrated, I searched in the Downloads section of the BlackBerry website, and indeed there is an update to OS 7.1 available for my Bold 9900. I checked with both Globe and Smart, they offer updates to Package Version (All Languages).


If you are too eager to try BlackBerry OS 7.1 for your Bold 9900 and can’t wait for the “push” to happen, just head on to and choose “Access your service provider download site”.

I was asked if the update is really necessary. Well, my answer is if you want to get most of your Bold 9900, YOU SHOULD UPGRADE TO OS 7.1 NOW! Here are some of the kewl features in OS 7.1:

  • Turn your BlackBerry OS 7.1 device into a Wi-Fi router anywhere, anytime with Mobile Hotspot


  • Universal Search
  • BlackBerry Tag (BBM + NFC)
  • Wi-Fi Calling (I still have to try this one out)
  • FM Radio
  • BlackBerry Maps (improved)
  • BBM is upgraded to 6.1
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  1. Did you experience any not so good changes on your BB? i’m somewhat afraid to upgrade for it might change or delete some apps or files on my phone…

    Thanks in advance!

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