Are Government Vehicles Exempted from UVVRP?

Dearest MMDA,

I may not be aware of the rule details about the implementation of the UVVRP (Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program), but I am just voicing out an observation that as we, ordinary citizens living in Metro Manila are abiding by this scheme, we can’t help but notice the number of government vehicles plying the main roads of the metropolis even if they are “color coding”.


The picture of the government vehicle above was taken this afternoon at around 1615H along Rodriguez Avenue in Bangkal, Makati City. The vehicle was in front of me from SLEX towards Magallanes/EDSA then headed towards this busy street in Bangkal.

I hope you can enlighten us on this the soonest. Thank you!

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  1. A law is applied to all otherwise none at all, I wished the drivers of those vehicles realized that. It is not good for their image as number one law breakers of the society, so if ever a government official reads this post, please do act immediately.

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