App Inventor by Hal Abelson, David Wolber, Liz Looney, & Ellen Spertus


imageNowadays, in this fast, ever-changing world, people are either too lazy to create wonderful applications or they can simply be too busy to code one. It can be true for all mobile application hobby developers like me. Be it on the Android, BlackBerry, or iOS (in alphabetical order, that is), you may have the brightest of idea, but cannot find the proper amount of time to code and make that into a working application.

App Inventor for Android is part of Google Labs that lets you build different kinds of applications for your mobile device. You do not need to be a professional developer to use App Inventor, as it does not require you to write code (hard-coded) but instead let’s you visually design the way the app will look like and let’s you specify on how it will behave by using blocks. Cool, isn’t it?



Since the App Inventor came from Google Labs, you can be assured of vast resources that you can tap freely from the web, not to mention from the official mailing lists and discussion boards sprawling all around the worldwide web.

If you’re a hobby developer, like me, and would like to get a hands-on experience developing Android applications, this book is for you.

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