Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

I may be an MCP, but my promise to my clients is to provide affordable yet top-notch quality services. A client of mine used to have Microsoft Sharepoint Services running on their site, but the high cost of license and hosting the application on a Windows-based server opted them to look for an alternative; and they had tapped our services for the migration.

Based on my research among a long list of Open Source Sharepoint alternatives, it is Alfresco ( that may win my decision for this project:

“The focus of Alfresco has always been to deliver the industry leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management Suite. Today users want the simplicity of a departmental solution, with simple to configure applications, whilst corporations want the consistent control and compliance of an open, scalable, robust Java based Enterprise Content Management system. Alfresco 2.0 is a major step in bringing these two requirements together making it simple to create, access and search a shared application space for documents, web & rich media assets, records, and images.”

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