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Robert DC. Reyes
Mozilla Reps Mentor & Regional Localization Leader

MozillaPH at
Far Eastern University (Makati)

Mozilla Representative (PHL)
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What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is more than Firefox

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What My Friends Think My Job Is ...

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What I Really Do ...

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About Me:
Robert DC. Reyes

  • Aviation Professional by day
  • Mozilla Rep & Reps Mentor by night, weekends, & during free time (since Jun 2011)
  • Mozilla Regional Localization Leader (PHL)
  • Blogger at
  • Twitterer at @bobreyes

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH
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Welcome mat
  • What has Mozilla done?
  • What do we do now?
  • A new challenge
  • Firefox for developers
  • Firefox OS / Apps for the web
Photo by the McClouds

What Mozilla did…

About Internet Explorer 6 info

What Mozilla did…

Browser Logos

Ongoing work…

Mozilla is more than Firefox

A generation of webmakers

Mozilla Webmaker

Learning by doing!

Mozilla Thimble

Lights, Camera, interaction!

Mozilla popcorn

Persona - own your identity!

Mozilla Thimble


WebFWD helps open source innovators create businesses to change the world.

Mozilla WebFWD

A new challenge

Responsive Design Photo by Jason Weaver

Broken promises

Smartphone equals HTML5

Business realities

Apps Photo by Michael Gil

Firefox to the rescue

Firefox for Android

Firefox for developers

Developers at a hack day Photo by Clive Darra

Responsive view

Responsive view in Firefox

Demo | Screencast

Responsive view

Two views of the same page

Remote debugging

Remote debugging

Other Kewl Stuff:

  • Tilt 3D

  • Facebook Messenger for Firefox

  • Bugzilla

Hardware lockout

Very obvious road block Photo by Doug Geisler

Web API work

All the hardware in a mobile with info to the corresponding Web API spec and implementation status

Open Web Device

Openwebdevice web site

Powered by Firefox OS

Firefox OS running on a phone

Mozilla Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko)


We all want to be creators & build
a thing that makes it easier for others to code.

We don't even follow up any longer if they are used or not,
the concept of having built them makes us already feel great.

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Mozilla Firefox OS

  • Building a complete, standalone operating system
    for the open web.
  • The web is the platform; making apps First Class Citizens.
  • The framework for the Open Web Device platform was introduced at the Mobile World Congress last Feb 2012
    in Barcelona, Spain.

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Gonk, Gecko and Gaia Photo by Alesa Dam

Why Choose Firefox OS?

  • According to Telefonica:"Firefox OS phones will be 10 times cheaper than an iPhone."
  • Firefox OS' architecture eliminates the need for apps to be built on platform-specific native API's.

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Interface flexibility

Gaia concepts

How to play with Firefox OS…

  • Run GAIA in Firefox Nightly (simplest way)
  • Use a desktop simulator (OSX / Linux)
  • Build your own device (very hard indeed)

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Where to find more info…

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Web APPS on the phone

Mozilla Marketplace

Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


Firefox OS Screenshots


What can you do?

  • Code - Write apps, contribute to Gaia, contribute to B2G
  • Use - Use Marketplace, Use the Web API, Use B2G
  • Feedback - Give your input on APIs, request features, test and log bugs

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Wanted: Mozilla Reps

The Mozilla Reps program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to become official representatives of Mozilla in their region/locale.

Wanted: Mozilla Student Reps

Mozilla Student Reps are college students who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness for the many benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products. Must be 18 years of age (and up) and is currently enrolled in any learning institution. >> Student Reps

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH

Thank you!

Robert DC. Reyes, Mozilla Rep

#FirefoxOS #MozillaPH