I had been using WordPress for years now.
I had been teaching ECOMERS and WEBDEV3 for more than two years now.
Why don’t we integrate a shopping cart to the world’s best blogging (or some even uses it as a CMS) engine?

Presenting, WordPress Cart (http://wpcart.turfsiteph.net). Nope, I did not created it! I just installed the WP Shopping Cart plug-in to a WP blog site.

The blog site:

The products page:

Time to checkout:

The admin interface:


I intentionally posted this one just now, during the Finals Week at DLS-CSB .. hehehe .. Makes my ECOMERS/WEBDEV3 studes sigh and say, “Pwede pala yun?!” ..

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  1. Hello webmaster nice blog WordPress + WP Shopping Cart = WPCart with Ecommerce Web Development

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  3. Hascarya says:

    I can’t use wp cart.I need some CMS that easy for used, i m blind about php or html.So, did u know Cms for commercy that easy for used?Thanks.Iam from indonesia.Thanks.

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