Why Do We Need to RSVP Before Attending Events?

Being part of an awesome team who had organized hundreds of events (big and small) over the past three years, I should say that we had learned the ropes on how to be successful in this field.

One thing that earns the irk among event organizers are people who constantly ignore the system that we call as RSVP (Répondez S’il Vous Plaît).

Time and over again, we will have to deal with people who constantly signs-up for an event but will be “NO SHOW” on the date itself.

From an Event Organizer’s POV:

  • We need to know how many people are attending the event so that we will be able to prepare X number of food, seats, swags, etc.
  • Once all tickets are taken (we normally use Eventbrite.com for this purpose; we love that web service), registration is normally closed. It is hard to accept wait-listed attendees — they normally end up showing themselves at the registration counter even if their tickets are not confirmed. We do not want that to happen to any of our visitors/guests.
  • YOU — yes YOU, who registered for an event and has a valid ticket: How dare you not to show your face during the event proper?! Let’s say you encountered some “last minute” type of thing, preventing you from attending the event … that’s fine. But some are doing this habitually … on purpose? Maybe? Maybe not?
  • YOU Gatecrashers … yes YOU who DO NOT have a valid ticket for an event, but is forcing yourself to be in the event for the sake of receiving awesome swags and to enjoy free foods (pun intended)! We will not tolerate such bad manners. We do not want you to be in any of our events. Gatecrashers are the best examples of ill-mannered and undisciplined Pinoys.


RSVP’s are being used to put order in every event. Let RSVP’s serve its purpose. Let us show the world how disciplined and mannered Filipinos are. Salamat po!

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  1. Hahaha. Some people don’t understand (nor honor) the concept of RSVP. Minsan nakakawalang-gana mag-organize dahil sa kawalan ng commitment ng mga tao e ;)

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