Where Were You During EDSA 1986?

I can still remember, it was 23 FEB 1986, I was fetched by my uncle from school (I was in Kinder that time, yeah! I’m not that old). We’re still in Scarlet Homes, Moonwalk, Parañaque City that time — a few kilometers away from Villamor Air Base (VAB). Can’t forget the images of three Sikorsky (I simply know them as helicopters then) attack choppers passing just above me and my uncle and moments later, one of the planes launched a rocket towards the direction of VAB. I thought it was just an airshow, yehey! But my uncle knows that it is not.

We hurried back home, since we are still to attend the birthday celebration of my cousin in Makati that afternoon. Two hours later, enroute to Makati, as we approached the gates of Merville (the location that now has Jollibee at the corner), we were greeted by fully uniformed soldiers with tanks coming from both sides of the streets and were asked to just stay at home since there was a “national emegerncy”. And the rest was history.

That’s what I can remember of EDSA 1986. How about you?

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