What’s My CD-R King Router Configuration?

It was two months ago when I made a post on how to setup a home wireless network using the CD-R King LP-8186 Wireless Router. Since then, I had received  numerous email messages inquiring on how to go about the configuration. The answer is pretty much easy: I just followed what was instructed by CD-R King (found inside the box/package) — that’s it.

Some people probably want a better idea, for when the O2 line is all set up and they’re itching to establish a sound wireless network at home. Now, for those who wants a clearer visual of my settings, here it goes:

Uptime 0day:1h:57m:57s
Firmware Version v1.5a
Wireless Configuration
Mode AP
Band 2.4 GHz (B+G)
Channel Number 1
Encryption WPA
BSSID 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:d1
Associated Clients 1
TCP/IP Configuration
Attain IP Protocol Fixed IP
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DHCP Server Enabled
MAC Address 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
WAN Configuration
Attain IP Protocol DHCP
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
MAC Address 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:79

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  1. @bob: i just recently bought the cd-r king wifi… tried macbook to connect and it did…

    however, my problem is that mobile phones (mine’s sony ericsson w960i and blackberry bold) can’t browse the net using the wifi router… please help me asap…

  2. how can my blackberry bold 9000 and sony ericsson w960i can browse thru thr wifi router please help me asap thanks

  3. pls help asap, signal is good about this wireless router but i can’t connect to the internet.i’d followed already the instructions still i can’t connect.

  4. hi.. its been a month that i bought my router lp 8186 but i can’t stil connect with the internet. can anyone give a step by step solution for this???

  5. Hi pls help me..my wifi signal is full on my iphone,but eveytime i go to my mail,cydia,safari etc,it says im not connected to the net..i have this cd r king router u know..

  6. hi, can anyone help me about my cd-r king router, i can’t use it i don’t know how to set up it, can anyone give me a step by step instruction? thanks

  7. What is the site that I need to go to to be able to configure its settings?
    I have the exact same router, it was just stuck in our home, not being used when we final;y decided to buy laptops. no idea how to configure it now that we lost the boxes and stuff

  8. bought same cdr king lp8186, I still dont how to configure it. I’ll be using it in my room. Pls help. thanks

  9. i got the same router.. ive been using it a year ago… im using it with smartbro. it works well.. even with a wifi phone… try to configure your router…

  10. The password protection is in clear text, that means somebody can sniff it. Is there anyway to configure the embedded web server to authenticate via HTTPS?

  11. hahaha after 1 week… natapos ko rin, i mean na set up ko na sya and all my quad pc and 2 ipods and 1 iphone work as charm… yung nasa taas ang gamit nya is static ip manga bro…
    wala kayong makikitang step by step dito so dont damn ask for it…”CONFIGURATION LANG ANG SABI NYA OH” clear…
    ang modem ko ay from globe and i use cdr king 4lan w/ wi-fi dito sa davao… so far ok sya almost 1 year na…
    just wisit the web

  12. i buy a CDR King router yesterday but i dont know how to install it properly.. hindi kasi nakakaaccess ang laptop ko and yung connection sa desktop ko is ala rin pero pag tinatanggal ko ang globe broadband connection ko at diniditso ko sa computer meron sya connection ano kaya ang problem ng router ko? mali lanh ba ang configuration ng router oh mali ang pag install ko?

  13. i am using my CDR-King wifi router for almost 6 months but then it started to disconnect every 10 to 30 minutes after use. can you please tell me how to fix this. thanks

  14. You can try setting your WiFi router by attempting to connect to or (I might have changed my settings though) you portscan port 80 in the range of to if you get several hits (as may be the case pag may Broadband modem ka or a webserver on the network) connect to each hit till you get to the CDR-King Wifi configuration page. If you still cannot connect to the router’s config page, try removing your DSL Modem or other Network devices with a webserver (shutdown apache if you have it) this includes Modems, Routers, Some Switches. Leave only the CDR-King WiFi router and your pc connected to each other and attempt to connect to again.

    For those na may problems with Globe Broadband, Please check that the LAN ip address for your Globe Broadband Modem does not conflict with the WiFi router’s. You can also opt to choose not to use DHCP server with the WiFi router and use the DSL Modem’s DHCP server.

    For those having problems with disconnect ever 10 to 30 minutes, try to reset your WiFi router. Also, I’ve read that it may be a problem with the WiFi’s Maximum NAT Connection Table.

    If you enabled logging, it would look like this:

    0day 14:16:35 NET: 13 messages suppressed.
    0day 14:16:35 ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet.

    Currently, the Maximum Connection Table for the lp8686 is 1536 connections.

    If you’re using software that has humongous amounts of concurrent connections like LimeWire or other P2P Software like torrent downloading software, this might be a cause of the disconnects. I cannot confirm if this really is the cause but I can’t find any other reason why it does this. The best immediate solution I’ve found is to reset the router, the other solution might brick your router if yo do it wrong.

  15. Mahirap komonek sa minsan kokonek sa page ng config minsan hindi. mhirap gamitin tong lo series or may be may mga defect yung ibang unit. I tried setting up d-link at netgear router at ok naman at madali.

  16. I have this router working for a year. just recently the router is already dropping connections. There are some websites i cant browse like ebay.ph, skydrive.com etc. but some are working like google, yahoo. Im pretty sure its not my ISP, since when you connect it straight to the modem, all websites are working. It looks like end na cguro ng lifespan ng router ko, If you’re looking for a long-life reliable router, dont buy this one. One year lang ata life span nito.

  17. i just bought this CD R king router Lp-8186 rescently, i do have problem in connecting diff. website like yahoo mail etc. its so slow in loading, later on it would display, Internet can’t be display, Im using PLDTmydsl modem.I’ve followed all the settings or instruction of the router but still the same problem. But when i connect directly to my modem everything is working well.

    Thanks for help..in advanced.

  18. cd r king router is not the problem,the problem is in the modem you need to configure na ip address of the modem..exam.. change all to,,,the number for is the number of computer that can access the internet,,,if you chANge it to 10,,so that 10 computers can access to the net

  19. I bought the same type of router 8186 but after configuration my laptop is only able to connect at 11mbps while my older router I could connect at 54mbps, what could be wrong?

  20. help me. i’ve been usig the cdrking lp-8186 router for more tha one year now, and it’s only now that i decided to put password on it. i googled and it told me to connect to and then it asked for a username and a password. what would i put on it?help me please.

  21. Hi there!

    Please tell me how to configure/setup WL150-RT Wireless-N Broadband Router of CDRKING. Thanks!

    I can’t access the internet.

  22. i have cdr king wireless router lp 8686 when i install the router driver setup wizard they tell me the device was disconected somebody pls help me what is the problem…the lan is ok.

  23. gamit ko ngyon ung cdr king router,ok nman xa.minsan mg error nga lang.pro ng scan ko xa ng anti malware.230 ka na na deteck nya.cgro un dahalin.

    smartbro 999 gamit ko.

    now configured ko nman kc ung kapitbahay ko,nka libre ng internet,e ako bayad ako ng bayad ng 999.bwesit pa ako sa smart lagi tumatawag pg delayed ka mg bayad.

    by the way,every time nyo e reseta ng router.mg default xa so di xa secured.kaya ung mga kapit bahay nmin na maingay,lalo ng ingay.

  24. for those who are using WL150-RT cdr king routers…just leave the WAN port unconnected…connect your modem(internet access) to LAN port 1..use the remaining ports for your desktop or desktops…you will also have internet connection in wireless by doing this…ip conflict lang po ang problema sa WAN port…its your job now to put your wifi password….the router will only serve as a switch…kaysa naman hindi nyo magamit kasi there is no other way to configure this….

  25. @repsol2010 sir, wala na ba talgang ibang paraan, kakabili ko lang ng router na yan ngayon nung sinubukan namin dun sa store okay gumana sya sa sun broaband tapos ngayon dito sa bahay DIGITEL ISP ko di na nagana okay local access pero walang internet access….. pwede bang isoli na lang ?

  26. You just need to change the LAN IP to and save it because sometimes your modem conflicts to the IP of the WL50-RT this should fix it!!

  27. How can I put wifi pass on my WL 150-RT? Please help me. I’ve tried my best. But i guess i still need to know more. LOL Aral muna ako. XD

  28. How do I change my WL 150-RT’s password? Please help. I don’t have the CD anymore and I can’t find any driver download. Thanks.

  29. I bout the same router lp8186c and I am having a hard time connecting to the net using my laptop. but the weird thing is that I ca connect to the net using my itouch. When I connect to the net using my laptop it just say it is connected pero no internet access. Walang ipv4 and ipv6 connectivity. Anu gagawin ko.

    HELP! 09052670059

  30. meron akong router.ngkaka problema ako sa pag set ng static IP ng WAN..4th digit exeded daw… d ko n tuloy mgmit…anu ba problema kasi ng cd r king, bkit hindi ipa-simplify ang configuration.

  31. may binili kaming wireless router sa cdr-king..install namin kaso di namin alam kung tama na bah pagconfigure di kc mkalogin..ang lagi lumalabas could not find device lagi..pano ba masetup ito ng tama..pag tumatawag kami sa cdr-king..di sila marunong kung pano kasi wala daw technichian nila..pano ba yan sayang lng nabili namin sa product na to tapos di man lng tinutulongan mga customers ninyo..help us to use this device..thank you

  32. tanong lang meron ako globe broadband…gagamit sana ako ng wifi bumili ako ng router ung wireless N3G MIMO broadband router cd-r king product nahirapan ako i configure eh pwede nyo po ba ako tulungan pan po kaya dapat kong gawin

    salamat po…

    • Niyama arcltie eka , hebei macho connectify walin dongle eka haraha mobile devices internet ekata connect karanna behe ,  Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork and Sharing Center wala thiyana ad hoc connections haraha gihilla wifi access ekak hada gaththama PC ekath ekka one mobile device ekakata internet share karanna puluwan , try ekak daala balanna !! Good luck !!

  33. re password router: common password and UID are

    UID: admin
    PSW: admin

    UID: admin
    PSW: password

    UID: admin

  34. I just bought a wireless-N 3G MIMO Broadband Router. It already has a security code. I bought it in cd-r king, can you help me figure out the security code?

  35. alam nyo po ba kung pano mabuksan yung youtube? kasi ung tatay ko parang may ginagalaw sya dun sa router namin para d mabuksan ang youtube. cd-r king IEEE 802.11 b/g ang model ng router namin. thanks

  36. I have a CD-R King Router LP-8696, previously it was worked well using windows XP however when I upgraded my PC to Windows 7 I found hard to set it up and until now it does now work. Is it possible that it is not compatible to Windows 7?
    Pls. help…

  37. D*amn CRKING Bakit kc hindi nalang dalian ung pag cconfigure!
    i bought other router naman from tplink ayos naman.CDR-KING Ang daming ka ekekan! hindi ko maayos tong router na toh.ano gagawin ko dito?urghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. ask ko lang po,i have a cdr king router,it works with my smartbro nmn,but after a few months,d na cxa ma connect,nagloko na..i try to re install it again,kso nothing happens..anu kyang possible reason?pls.help

  39. maglalagay sana ako ng password sa router, nagawa ko na dati to sa bayantel, pero ngayon dsl na kami at d ko na malagyan ng password anf router. meron ng user name at password dati naman wala to. sino nakakaalam ng username at password.

  40. im using cd-r king ap 0166 wireless router… my smart bro is the plug and play type.. NOT prepaid . and now the router doesnt wowrk.. any idea? my laptop is mac.. so its a lot worse because i cant configure the router.. i cant find it either in my mac pc.. :(

  41. naitapon ko ang pakage ng cdr king router ..problema ko ngayon paano mag lagay ng password..eto lang ang nkita ko sa mismo router IEEE 802.11b/g
    wireless broadbad router 4 ports..pls help me.paano ito mag ka pasword..

  42. help nman.. paun b mgreset ng router.. IP04167 ang router n binili ko sa cdr-king.. lagi default gateway lumalabas.. anu dapat gawin..

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