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What Does It Take To Be A Rizal Today?

Had you ever asked yourself: What does it take to be a Rizal today? I guess, some will answer that they need not to be a hero, as we know who Rizal is. Some will even say that if Jose Rizal was alive today, he will be a blogger.

Now, let us put it this way: Why do college kids needs to study Rizal, even if it is a boring subject? Why do we need to read Noli and El Fili in high school? What is it in Rizal that made him our National Hero? Why Rizal, nor Bonifacio?

I wonder, too. I guess, being an ordinary person can bring out the Rizal in us.

Today is Rizal Day, a holiday. Wala lang.

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Category: Personal
  • Mackie says:

    Hey.. may i ask? please answer me ha?

    How can i be a Jose Rizal as of today? please answer me please.. tnx

    14 July 2009 at 19:49

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