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I hold office inside the airport complex, as in my physical office is just less than 200 meters from the edge of NAIA’s main runway. You see, being inside the airport complex, there are times wherein GSM signal(s) is(are) a problem. There are days where you’ll just have a bar of signal strength, and there are those days wherein you’ll have full bars of signal. It is imperative for me to have at least two (02) mobile phones using different telcos — for redundant communication purposes.

Sometime before the holidays of last year, as we were preparing for our party (and my band will be playing), I left an important peripheral for my keyboards setup. My mobile phone with G as its provider barely can have a decent signal that day, so my main mobi was the one having the Smart SIM. But as they say, if it is your day, it is indeed your day: my Smart mobi has just PHP1.00 load (though the signal strength is very good). Another problem of being inside the airport complex is that the nearest convenience store where you may purchase load for your mobile phone is more than 02 kilometers away!

Times like this, I really appreciate Smart’s Facebook App named as Web Pasaload! With Web Pasaload, reloading your Smart mobile phone is as easy as following these steps:

  1. Go to http://apps.facebook.com/pasaload and add your mobile number;
  2. Add your Pasaload Contacts;
  3. Drag numbers into the Send & Receive boxes
  4. Choose the load denomination or Call & Text package to send
  5. Pasaload instantaneously!

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One comment
  1. Were you able to use it Sir?

    A very useful tool from Smart. It looks easier to use than sending pasaload via text because of the keywords. I forget them sometimes.

    I wonder if Smart Postpaid Subscribers can use this too. :D

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