Very Bad Service at Chowking Waltermart Makati

At around 1938H tonight (based on what’s written in the receipt issued to me by Chowking Waltermart Makati; operated by WMOB King Chow, Inc. with SI#02767238 and TIN 234-661-725-000VAT), I placed an order for ten (10) 3-piece pork siomai. After paying, I was given my wait number.

Some 22 minutes later, here comes my takeout. I checked the contents and asked where the chili sauce oil is. The male crew replied that they DO NOT HAVE CHILI SAUCE OIL!

I rushed to the counter and looked for the branch manager and asked for an explanation. It may seem to be nothing, but this is the second time in less than a week that I bought the same quantity of pork siomai in this same branch. To make things worst, the duty branch manager is the same girl when I complained about the matter (of not having chili sauce oil available) Thursday last week. She keeps on explaining that they do have a problem with the chili sauce oil (dunno what kind of problem that is!) and was apologetic that her crew failed to inform me of such dilemma.

How can I accept such apology when it is the second time it had happened to me, and the reason is still the same – and worst, the crew failed for the 2nd time to advise beforehand that chili sauce oil is NOT AVAILABLE. During my visit last week, in addition to the lack of chili sauce, this branch is notorious in just giving a piece or two of soy sauce, when I did ordered for 10 sets of pork siomai (some 30 pieces in all).

What made me mad is when the branch manager offered to: (1) refund my payment after letting me wait for almost 30 minutes for my orders; (2) offering me to take the hot sauce in lieu of the chili sauce oil – pathetic! I asked her if the hot sauce is for the pork siomai, and she replied it is NOT for the pork siomai! Is she trying to make me more pissed off or make me look a fool?!

Chowking Philippines, you better check on this shabby franchise of your brand. A branch not worth visiting. How I missed the branch at the back of Makati Cinema Square (closed already). Seems that this franchise of yours is implementing drastic cost-cutting measures that is causing a major blow in the image of your brand.



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    jowiline marie sinang


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    Tuesday, May 8, 2012 11:27 PM

    To whom it may concern,

    This is Jowiline Marie Sinang from blk.28 nicaragua st. bagong pag-asa west floodway taytay rizal. i just want you to know about our experience in your branch at chowking tikling(1329) i had a bad dinner this night just because of their unfair treatment i don’t know if its just because of our clothes because we are wearing indecent its because were going to slip but my kids want to eat halo-halo but when we are on that store our order is 1chicharap, 1halo-halo special, 1sprm lrt D. we told to your counter crew to serve later our dessert but its serve first before the meal and when we check the receipt its serve now i don’t know why that counter crew make that fault and after we eat we call the another crew to serve our halo-halo and when we are eating we saw that they serves us a regular one not our real order a large one and we decided to refund and the manager name Mr. Jhay give us P26.00 and turn around and left without saying anything even they had a mistakes to us and i saw him with a unpleasant face i share this to you its because i dont want it to happen again to me and to other possible customer entering in your place and i hope you wont ignore this i want you to do some step to make it correct and make they realize that they need to give same treatment to their all customer
    OR NO.:01719422

    ps: additional, when i ask for additional condiment Mr. Jhay told me “last na yan ah!” i dont know if its right to say for your customer with out a respect

    my mobile no. is 0932-781-9842

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