UnionBankPH.com is Down

Last month, I blogged about UnionBankPH EON Visa Electron being out of service. Good thing, EON Visa Electron is back online over the past weekend.

But, since this morning (up to the time I was writing this entry), I was not able to access the UnionBank of the Philippines website, which was supposed to be online at http://www.unionbankph.com

I know how hard your IT people are working to merge your data with those of iBank, but please do think of the people that relies on your online services for their day-to-day transactions ;)

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  1. and it’s still down… and there’s not even a single announcement or news bulletin about it! the least they could do is send an email alert or update to their customers, but it’s been a few days and still nothing. sobrang hassle talaga.

  2. just needed to correct my previous post, the website isn’t down na pala.. it’s just my IP add that’s not letting me access to unionbank’s website..

  3. @ndyeL: Don’t be sorry, you are right. Their site goes UP and DOWN this week. As of this posting, their site is still DOWN.

  4. I used to sing praises for Union Bank because of the easy online access and Paypal. However it seems lately it is not possible to access feedback pages. Their Hotline servicing GSIS is always unavailable. Now, it is their site that can not be accessed because I think their host or domain expired. Very unthinkable!

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