Tweaking Smart Bro

Less than 24 hours after my Smart Bro was installed, I posted a whooping 282 kbps download speed and 289 kbps upload speed. It has been more than 48 hours already, and I still got:

This leads me to my quest in tweaking (read: hacking) Smart Bro. Will post some results tomorrow.

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  1. Hi there,

    I envy your tweaking on smartbro. Can you please help me with my net speed? Im really having a hard timewith their dumb technical guys. I can only reach 180kbps download speed and 30 kbps upload speed. By the way I am from Cebu. There is no problem with the line of site with regards to my antenna to the their base tower. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

  2. you’re lucky you have 263 kbps or 180 kbps.. i dont know if they have smartbro speedometer but im using McAfee Speedometer.. and my result was 130 kbps.. my location is in Mambaling Cebu City and there is only one transmeter for our Smartbro..i assumed that was one of the problems. maybe this could WAKE the people from Smartbro to have BETTER customer services to cater our needs.

  3. I live here among the hills of binangonan, rizal and the only means of surfing the net is a smart BRO connction. its been 2 weeks now and my download and upload speeds rarely reach a hundred kbps…could u share ur tweaks with a fellow sufferer? tnk u

  4. One thing regarding smartbro is that it uses cell-site to establish connection. The higher signal you get, the faster you’ll have an internet connection. Location is a vital point in internet for you to traverse the international gateway. Another thing is that when you apply in smartbro, you are behind a NAT, meaning you are sharing static ip with other users in your vicinity. Higher users in your vicinity meaning the router will have a lots of time translating addresses to a static ip plus its ports.

  5. The problem at SMARTBRO is not with the tech staff. It is with the management. When a system fails as badly as this one only management is at fault for not fixing it. It is hard to imagine that top management is constantly honored in the newspaper and the parent company tops the list of local management awards. Big revenue and profit but very poor service and quality product.

  6. it’s not only smartbro that is ripping users dry but also the bayantel dsl. bullshit this bayantel connection of mine that has been in an on and off connection for the past 4 weeks. ive been calling bayantel daily and often great bayantel call agents to congrats me for being the bayantel customer that has the longest call complaint logs in bayantel, that kim already registering my case to the guiness book of world records. pity me that until now bayantel has not adressed my case. even when im writing this im racing and praying that i can post this before bayantel connection goes disconnected. tsk, tsk, tsk mga walanghiya kayo! ive been giving money to the firm for the past two years already.

  7. guys try nyo i tweak yung canopy because recently i spent hours finding some solutions to speed up my smartboroK. you can find many infos on google thats where i started.. and now.. my smart bro speed = 680kbps combining all the techniques of tweaking… LOL alamko bawal pakelaman yun pero d rin naman sila sumusunod sa contract eh..

  8. dito sa amin,,,we(subscribers) belong to a remote AP,,ibig sabihin,malayo kami sa base station(ap cluster),,so they put up a sm(which recieves the bandwith from the base station,about 10 kms away),,then feed it to an AP(accesspoint),,then in turn transmit it to the subscribers(about 40+ subscribers),,,,the problem is that the sm(canopy lite) on the tower is the same as the sm(canopy lite) of its subscribers which has a max throughput of only 1 mbps..500 downlink and 500 uplink…..ibig sabihin 500 kbps na downlink ang pinaghahatian namin mga subscribers…500/40=12.5 kbps…wow!!!!WE BEEN HAD!!!!

  9. dennis » July 22nd, 2008 12:09

    well masasabi ko lng is…ok ang smartbro…if ok or maganda positioning ng antenna mo swerte k..all the tricks i,ve read about tweaking canopy are true…eto ang speed ko now somtimes umaabot ako ng 2-3mbps its true…here’s some advice mga tol…punta kau roof nyo..adjust ur antenna hanap k ng pinaka mataas n signal..dapat RSSI 900-1000 ang jiter must be in the range of 1 t0 2 lng..thats it..pwde mo n gawin ung tweaking sa canopy under quality service…in 2 to 3 days magbabago speed ng net nyo..kc kahit n anung tweaking ang gawin nyo kung d maganda positioning ng antenna nyo hindi rin magbabago…

  10. smartbroKen ping? napaka bobo talaga ng smart bro. walang silbi ambagal. profit oriented kasi sila, hindi service oriented. Oo na, negosyo ang firm nila pero, wag naman sana ipahalata yong pagka mukhang pera nila. Mga gago kayo taga smart. fuck you man!!!!

  11. putang ina ng smartbro nayan,,mga peste cla!!!sana maban d2 yan s pilipinas!!dinaig p nila ung pangongotong ng mga pesteng pulitiko n hindi kayng sulosyunan ang problema nting mamamayan s pesteng serbisyo nila!!!!gawin nyo,,kunin nyo ung canopy nyo at ibato nyo s pagmumukha nila!!!tulad ng ginwa ko,,d nmn cla mkapag kc alam nila bulok tlga service nila!!hayyyzzzz!!!!SMARTBROKEN IPABAN!!!!!

  12. I got a 0.385 Mbps download speed and a 0.35 upload speed in using a Quezon city server.
    For a Los Angeles California server I pretty much got the same speeds, though a little lower. How about you sir? :)

  13. I wanted to install Smart Bro Share It in the past but when I was searching the Web for reviews about Smart Bro, I found this link: The reason behind SmartBro’s lockin period. It really opened my eyes. That’s why I hope to spread this link so that others might also see. I hope you will spread it too.

  14. first things first..

    1.u must have good jitter 9 or lower much better..
    2.u must know how many subscribers in your base station,,the lower the subscriber the more speed u can get.. and the last thing and the most important thing is the canopy that u have..
    3. the latest subscriber of smart bro have a latest version of canopy thats why they have an acceptable speed up to 2mbps but again it depends on the base station,,the more subscriber on that base station the less throughput u will get..

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