Turtle Slow Service at Chowking Evangelista, Makati City



Last night at around 2115H, I decided to buy ten (10) orders of Pork Siomai and two (02) orders of Black Gulaman for takeout at Chowking Evangelista, Makati City branch. Timestamp in the receipt was 2122H. Some 45 minutes later, my order is still not delivered, thus I made a follow-up to the crew. Makes me wonder how many minutes does it take to dish out 30 pieces of Pork Siomai from the steamer – 1 minute ++ per piece? Err!

Another 05 minutes had passed, and finally my takeout has arrived. I checked if everything is in order but to my surprise, the package contains the 10 orders of Pork Siomai (packed in a single styro box) but with only one (01) dish of chili plus around three (03) packs of Toyomansi! How in this world will three (03) packs of Toyomansi be enough for 30 pieces of Pork Siomai?! I asked the crew for additional packs of Toyomansi, and true to how slow their service is, it took yet another 05 minutes!

You see, I usually get this much of orders from this branch almost every week. And last night’s experience is relative same to my previous experiences with this branch. It is rather usual for me to hear customers complaining on how slow their orders are being served from this branch. Do the math of how many minutes had I spent waiting for my orders in that branch?! I should had done composing 10 blog articles only if you had WiFi there.

I do hope that the Chowking HQ will do something with this franchise branch to better shape up (or ship out) the soonest possible time. Mang Inasal had just opened their branch a block away from where this Chowking branch is standing from.

[UPDATE 15 JUL 2011]

The Chowking Area Manager called me up this morning explaining the possible cause for the lousy service at this branch. According to her, the franchisee decided to close the branch effective 26 JUL 2011, thus some of the regular personnel manning the store were no longer reporting for work. In my opinion, shouldn’t Chowking Corporation be closing this branch as early as possible to avert any further damage to their reputation?

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