The Day My Smart Mobile Phone Went Semi-Dead

Been using my Smart-locked Sony Ericsson W760i for almost a month now. It was preactivated with MMS and Mobile Internet. I was able to take picture shots with it, then post it directly to the web (via BlogSpot and Twitpic).

Then suddenly, when I was about to post a picture of Robyn during luncht time today, I got this odd error:

Connection failure. Check settings. If problem persists, please contact your operator for support.

Thinking that my GRPS/3G/MMS settings was the problem, I made an OTA request. Got the new settings saved, and the same problem is encountered. So I tried to dial the Smart Customer Service Hotline *888. An odder voice prompt error was encountered:

The subscriber you are calling can be reached through text messaging. Thank you!

Using the landline, I was able to contact the Customer Service of Smart. Their advise: for me to wait for up to 48 hours to check if I still encounter error. This is what I hate about Smart (Bro, Buddy, etc) — waiting game.

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