The Day My Smart Mobile Phone Was Resurrected

A day after I blogged about my Smart mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman unit) went semi-dead: can’t make / receive any phone call, nor do GPRS/3G/MMS browsing, a very interesting comment was left on my Facebook wall from a long time friend.

Tonio (a friend since high school and works for Smart Communications) advised me to key-in the following keywords on my mobile unit: ROAM OFF then send it to 333. Wait for a couple of hours (around 2 hours for me) and I was back to mobile web surfing via GPRS/3G and was able to send MMS already!

This was confirmed to me by an email from Smart (in response to my email to them) stating that there are times wherein the International Roaming service is accidentally turned on(?). Hmmm.

Hope this helps those who had experienced the same thing and same error voice prompt.

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