The Day I Shifted to Shell Oils

Today marked yet another milestone for my car: the day I shifted from Castrol Magnatec to Shell Helix Plus.


Ever since we acquired our Mitsubishi Galant 1991 (automatic transmission; US version), I had been using Castrol Magnatec as my motor oil. I must admit, I was sold by their advertisements. But recently, based on my research, I concluded that Castrol Magnatec is the primary cause for the blackening of my engine — carbon deposits.

The week after Ondoy, Shell Magallanes inadvertently filled my car with fuel contaminated with water (the gas station was submerged to flood, thanks to Ondoy!). My car’s gasoline tank was drained by their competent service center crew (they even towed my vehicle from our house, free of charge). Observing them while fixing my car made me to decide that I will now entrust my car’s maintenance with Shell Magallanes (as it was long time suggested by my dad, too).

Today, my trip meter ticked past to 4,200 kms.: time to change my ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) and motor oil change (I don’t wait for the odometer to reach 5,000 kms). Brought my car to Shell Magallanes at around 1500H (together with my dad), I was #2 in queue. Ten minutes later, my car is being positioned to the lifter. Almost an hour later, everything (ATF and motor oil change, oil filter change) is done! I availed their change oil package (used to be PHP1,800++; discounted is just PHP1,300++) and spent PHP1,900++ all in.


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