The Cafe Mediterranean Experience: FAIL

Every once in a while, the boss treats the Management Team to lunch outside the office (we provide free meals to all of our employees and guests at the staff lounge). Today, the group decided to try something different — we went to The Cafe Mediterranean at Resorts World Manila (in front of NAIA Terminal 3 inside what was left of Villamor Air Base, Pasay City).

It was 10 of us in the group; and me, together with the boss went ahead of the pack to reserve seats and place our initial orders: 04 Greca Pizzas — it was around 1130H then. Minutes later, the rest of the team arrived. We were, I think, their first customers for the day (as the waiter told us that they had just opened by 1100H today). The waiter took our individual orders. Since I am not a fan of Greek food and veggies, I opted to have spaghetti bolognese and bottomless iced tea — while the rest of the team settled for salads & other house specialties. The waiter informed me that it will take around 15 minutes for the spaghetti to be served, and I joke that even if it takes 30 minutes, no problem with me — as it is the only thing in their menu that I will eat.

Some 30 minutes later, we noticed that it has only been 02 of the 04 Greca Pizzas that we ordered, which were served to us already; so we made a follow-up. Then came another Greca Pizza on the table. Some more minutes later, and one-by-one the orders of my colleagues came, but not the spaghetti bolognese. Some 90 minutes later, while we were just treating ourselves (it was 3 of us waiting for our meals to be served) to a bunch of laughter (while our stomachs are rumbling in hunger) and the boss kidding (read as “threatening”) the waiter that we will be transferring to the restaurant next door, the waiter broke the sad news to me: they will not be able to serve the spaghetti bolognese! To make the matter worst: while sipping through the entire glass of iced tea, a flying insect appears just beneath the ice. I immediately called the attention of the waitress, and casually told her: “Miss, may flying object na nag-landing sa iced tea ko.” — just to give a comic relief to the almost irritating mood of my teammates. The waitress immediately took my drink and replaced it with another glass.

Good thing, (1) I was in the company of my office colleagues and (2) I am in a jolly mood; else, had I blown my top already, you will see heaven & earth separate your restaurant branch into pieces. After I had waited for some 90 minutes with just a slice of Greco Pizza and around 2 rounds of iced tea, then you will advise me that the spaghetti bolognese will no longer arrive! Out of pity, my officemates gave me the pita breads from their meals.

It may be the first time that we went to Cafe Med as a group (and in that particular branch), but we were not first-timers. Heck, our business is inflight catering. Based on our observations: Cafe Mediterranean Resorts World Manila branch is undermanned — we can see in the faces of your staff how harassed  they were after taking our orders. I intended to have a nice lunch with our team and be back at the office at around 1300H or so. I guess we missed to advise your staff that we were there for lunch and not for merienda.

I swear, we will never go back to that branch again.

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