Techie Father’s Day Gift

My wife asked me what do I want as a Father’s Day gift. I told her anything that is techie. She first tought of buying two time pieces at Timex, so that we can both have the same type of watches. But later that day, she decided to buy me an HP F380 All-in-One (AIO) printer.

We arrived home tired last Sunday, so I wasn’t able to unpack and install the printer til last night. Was surprised that an AIO will cost less than 5k nowadays. After making some test prints, I tested the unit’s scanning capabilities. Quite good, has a resolution of 600 x 2,400 DPI. You can even make (photo)copies (in black & white or color) even if your PC is turned off. Making my dad think of putting up a sign at our gate: Colored Photocopying Available. Hehehe.

My only comment though is the printing speed, quite slow; and it has no output tray.

Indeed, the best Father’s Day gift I had ever received (my first, anyway).

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