windows xp

FTP Alternative in Windows 7

When I started teaching in 2004, most of the machines (read as PC units) we used in school run on Windows XP already. It was during this time that the Network [...]

ReadyBoost of Microsoft Windows 7

So, I found a spare 512MB SD card in one of my bag's side pockets this morning and thought of using it to try ReadyBoost in my Windows 7 lappy. So what is [...]

HP Mini 2133 Battery Tests

Less than a month ago, I "upgraded" my HP Mini 2133 from Microsoft Windows Vista Basic to Windows XP with Service Pack 3. The overall responsiveness of the [...]

Setup a Home Network for Less than 500 Pesos

An experiment if I can setup a home network for less than PHP500 proved to be a success. I just needed to shell out around PHP300 and some minutes falling in [...]

Ignoramus, SmartBro CSR-us

Two days ago, my wife noticed that the Smart Bro connection in our Windows XP machine is off and on. The network connection icon at the Windows XP task bar [...]