windows 7

A PC Virus Made All My USB Flash Disk Files Hidden!

Over the weekend, I went to several local shirt printers to have some swags samples done. For ease of file transfer (since not all suppliers are online, yet), [...]

Problem Solved: Stuck with a Blue Swirl & Welcome Screen in Windows 7

It was last Monday when I first encountered this problem:   After entering my Windows 7 user account password, I am stuck with a blue swirl and the [...]

Windows 7 SP1 is Here!

Launched in Oct 2009, Microsoft Windows 7 revived the interest of many to the Windows-based PC. I consider Windows 7 as the successor of Windows XP (not [...]

FTP Alternative in Windows 7

When I started teaching in 2004, most of the machines (read as PC units) we used in school run on Windows XP already. It was during this time that the Network [...]

ReadyBoost of Microsoft Windows 7

So, I found a spare 512MB SD card in one of my bag's side pockets this morning and thought of using it to try ReadyBoost in my Windows 7 lappy. So what is [...]

Microsoft Windows 7

The 22nd of October 2009 marked yet another milestone in Microsoft's history: launching Windows 7 to the world. While we here in Manila, Philippines still wait [...]