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Went to Nickelodeon’s Takotown with the Entire Family

Ever year, we look forward to the Halloween Holiday weekend. And this year, it is more than just a holiday weekend -- it is a looong weekend (Monday October [...]

Like Father, Like Son: We Both Love Mozilla Firefox

Do I need to explain further? My son models his Mozilla Firefox shirt [...]

Early Valentine’s at Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the Philippines’ premiere theme park invited me and my family to spend our early Valentine’s Day at Sta. Rosa, Laguna (some 38 [...]

Angry Birds Rubber Toys

So, I actually bought the Angry Birds “rubber duckie” type of toy for my son over the weekend. It comes in this box of 6 characters from the game. Price is [...]

Happy Birthday to Robyn Andi Xeon!

Happy Birthday to my unico hijo, Robyn Andi Xeon! He turns 3 [...]

The Day My Smart Mobile Phone Went Semi-Dead

Been using my Smart-locked Sony Ericsson W760i for almost a month now. It was preactivated with MMS and Mobile Internet. I was able to take picture shots with [...]

Stupid Policemen

Later this afternoon, Rose and I decided to take Robyn for a stroll twowards the EDSA end of Evangelista St., some ten blocks away from our place. Our first [...]

Robyn Shops at Waltermart

First time for Robyn to shop at Waltermart. And it was his first time to be inside a car shopping [...]

Vote for Robyn Andi Xeon!!

Hi! Please vote for my son, Robyn Andi Xeon at You may also vote by clicking here. Remember his name, ROBYN ANDI XEON. Thank you so [...]