Switching to Sky Broadband; Ditching Smart Bro

Last Friday, 12 Jun 2009 — the entire Philippines is celebrating the commemoration of its 111th Independence Day — the Sky Broadband servicing team finally made their way to install their cable modem at our place.

With Smart Bro, here’s what I get:

Now, with Sky Broadband (same monthly subscription fee with Smart Bro):

With the same MSF (Monthly Service Fee) as with Smart Bro, I will no longer be in contact with lousy customer service agents and no more long lines of queue at their business centers just for a simple request to be done. The Sky Broadband customer service is indeed very good — cannot be matched by Smart nor Globe.

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  1. as for me, I would stick with smartbro.
    I am very much contented with its services. Switching would be hassle for me because that would be another application and waiting.

  2. I found this video, testing smart internet speed connection, maybe you should try to wathc and observe it:

  3. so hows the skybroadband connection after a month? I have been looking for reviews sa skybroadband and there much more less to be found yet, maybe siguro kakaunti pa lang talaga ang subscribers up until now. any updates on their internet services?

  4. wow! ur free from Smart Bro. Ako mag momove na din sa Sky Broadband kahit nabayaran ko na 1 year advance ang smart bro. Di ko na matiis. palagi akong walang internet. Ngayon naka 3G lang ako kasi bulok ang Smart Bro ko. 0.10 MBPS lang download speed.

    Gusto ko e avail yung 12MBPS, kaso mahal. hehehe… ok na pala yung 999 plan nila, mukhang mas mabilis na at sulit. :D

  5. Bulok parin serbisyo ng internet dito sa pinas, compare to S. Korea and other part of Asia. At kung ikukumpara pa sa US at UK lalo na.

  6. sus! ano b yan mga customer relations officer ng skybroadband la kbuhay buhay. kc ng inquire me re s service nla here in tondo d msabi kung mgkkaroon ng expansion. pk train na mabuti un mga CRO nyo please lang.

  7. so mabilis din ba ang connection ng sky broadband sa san jose del monte city?.. question lang para sa mga naka try na ng ISP dito sa san jose… thanks

  8. RE: With the same MSF (Monthly Service Fee) as with Smart Bro, I will no longer be in contact with lousy customer service agents and no more long lines of queue at their business centers just for a simple request to be done. The Sky Broadband customer service is indeed very good — cannot be matched by Smart nor Globe.


    TRUE!!! Two thumbs up! :D

  9. If you are a gamer,developer, IT ,or if your expecting a consistent connection, dont go the SKY BROADBAND way, mag sisisi lang kyo.service will be good for the first 15-30 days and the rest is hell.
    Skybroadband PANG SURF LANG, in short, parang dial up lang din haha. (thats a bitter laughter, i was screwed, i subscribed to it)
    heres the real deal, sabi nila kanila pinakamataas na download speed, yan primary marketing ploy nila, and yet bawal torrent sa skybroadband, pag nag torrent ka, the fastest bandwidth youl get is 56kbps, unlike pldt mydsl which could go as high as 1 mbps. with normal download, 1mbps subscription, sky at best ,offpeak, can provide you with 70-100 kbps..way far off from the advertised rate.BEWARE..CAVEAT EMPTOR.

  10. Skybroadband is that bad? OMG… all of the them are trash. I have been a Smartbro user for the past 4 years, but for the past 15 days we are stuck at .11 mbps download. And after 3 calls to smart customer service plus an email, they still can’t fix it.

    Don’t know which ISP I should take now. :(

  11. Yup that’s true. Sa una lang talaga magaling ‘tong Skybroadband na ito! Para sa mga gamers dyan, basag kayo everyday dito. Sa Garena fix na ping mo, fixed na sa 300++. Since the day na pinakabit mo itong SkyB ganun na siya, you’re able to play dota in garena anymore. SF(all FPS games), Dragonica, Ragnarok. Nako! Mabubugnot ka promise! Pati sa pagDL ng mga PSP games! Nung 1st month ok pa. Naabot pa ng 160+ kbps. Ngayon hindi nataas ng 15kbps.

    Pero sa surfing maasahan mo naman siya. Lalo sa Youtube.

    At isa pang sakit neto e yong 5-15secs disconnection. Lagi yun. Mga 2-5 times per day siguro.

  12. just had my broadband installed yesterday afternoon. I was informed beforehand that I am entitled to 120 ft cable wire and excess thereof will be 5 pesos/ft. After installation and making sure I have internet connection, the installer told me I have exceeded the 120ft cable wire to 98ft more which amounted to 490 pesos. I was actually surprised because the Meralco post where they hooked the cable wire is just right across my window, my personal estimation is that he has only consumed more or less 80ft. Nonetheless, I had no time to argue about that but my main concern is that, upon computing how much the excess was, he told me not to worry much about the amount as he can do “something” about it. He explained that I can either choose to have it billed on my next statement or he can actually waive the 190 pesos and just have me pay the 300. I asked him if there will be a receipt, he said NO making it sound that he is actually doing me a favor. I told him I want it billed since I dont have 300 pesos to spare him, he asked me to reconsider by persuading me that 490 pesos is a big amount compared to 300 pesos that he is offering me, I still said NO. He was kind of disappointed by saying “eh di uulitin ko nanaman ito” he was talking about the work order form. If you look at the copy, there are erasures in there since he failed to convince me to cooperate with him.

  13. LOL guys, skybroadband is a downside for online gamers. Here’s the numbers… skybroadband 1299php per month equals 15GB data usage, that is equal to 0.4 GB for 4 hours of online gaming. Supposed you spend 20hrs per day online gaming equivalent to 2GB data usage.. In 7days you already spent 14GB of data usage and your plan is 1299 15GB per month. Now if you deplete the remaining 1GB you’ll be disconnected. What are you gona do for the rest of the 3 weeks… And thats juz online gaming, not included alt tabbing ang downloading, listening, emailing, surfing and stuff in the internet.. 5-10Mbps is really good i know, but having something which is limited is not practical. Well then in my opinion i’ll stay with my current broadband which is 1Mbps 999php per month which i can call “OK” knowing i can turn on my pc, and 2 laptops at the same time for the whole month with unlimited internet resources. Again 5-10Mbps is “Way Better”” but to have it LIMITED makes us think if its worth it.

  14. JumongMir, to each is his own. In my case, I am NOT a gamer, and uses net connection at home to update my websites, check on emails, and chat from time to time.

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