Sure Seats No More!

Last Monday, Rose & I went to Glorietta to watch Enteng Kabisote 2. Since the que at Glorietta 1 is very long, we opted to watch at Glorietta 4: Sure Seats.

Though there was a que at the ticket counter, it’s a lot better than being in que at the Glorietta 1, wherein your seat is not guaranteed: as we had thought. It’s around 1500H when we bought our tickets, and we were scheduled for the 1810H screening.

Three (03) hours later, we have to fall in line the second time at the cinema lobby (stretches from Cinema 6 up to TimeZone near Burger King). With just a minute before the scheduled screening time, we were finally inside the cinema.

To our surprise, there were a lot of people standing — without any seats! Is this the new sure seats concept?!

When I finally managed to grab a seat for Rose (with me left still standing at the aisle), I asked the cinema attendant why is that happening. She didn’t replied, but instead led me to their office (just behind the ticket counters). There, I was met by this uncourteous cinema supervisor (a male) and asked me bluntly, “Ano ang problema?!” I told him that we waited for 3 long hours, fell in line twice, and paid Php120.00 each just to be standing inside the cinema, which should not be the case. In reply, he told me that, “Sir, may Festival po kasi, kaya may SRO.”

Huh?! There was not a single sign in the ticket counter that they are allowing SRO in the cinemas!

This is the new concept of Sure Seats in the Ayala Cinemas.

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