Stupid & Useless Government Officials (and Staff)

This morning, I went to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to get a Philippine Passport. Without any escort to assist me, I braved the throng of people towards the DFA basketball courts. I came to the agency ready and with complete documentary requirements: I had filled-up the Application Form, which I downloaded from their site, at home and pasted three (03) Passport Sized ID pictures — as indicated in the form, itself.

Some government personnel are really stupid. This guy in barong, while we are at the waiting (holding area) for our (me and the others applying for a passport) documents to be processed, keeps on calling the attention of people by making a “sutsot”. Can’t they be taught of properly addressing people? Especially the one’s who are paying for their salaries?

Finally, my name was called! Without any instructions given, I asked where will I go now? He just gave me a blank stare. Wow! What a civil servant?!

Just this afternoon, in the aftermath of several protests at the Mendiola the following two (02) days ago, the Executive Secretary, himself, compared the Philippine Police to dogs (don’t make them angry if you don’t want to be bitten). Hehehe. What a nice analogy — indeed true! If you had seen on the television on how the PNP dispersed the rallyist, they are worst than dogs — bitches to be particular.

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