SmartPH Mobile Banking Activation Error (Error in Plug-in Data) — Case Closed!

I was trying to activate my BDO mobile banking account with my new Smart Communications postpaid number, but I always get this weird message:

Anybody else who is/had experiencing/ed the same error?


[16 Mar 2011] Received an email message from BDO:

This is in reference to your Problem encountered on Smart Mobile Banking with Case ID no. xxxxxxxxx, reported last March 15, 2011.

We wish to inform you that per Smart Communications Co., please retry to access your Smart Mobile Banking account again.

Should you have other inquiries or concerns, please email us at [email protected] or call (02) 631-8000 (for Metro Manila) or at our domestic toll free number 1-800-10-6318000.

~~ I retried accessing the Smart Mobile Banking account, but the same error still persists. Will try to contact BDO again tomorrow.

[18 Mar 2011] Just finished a conversation with a BDO Service Support Agent. The timer in my phone ticked at more than 15 minutes, but actual conversation time was less than 3 minutes (or so; remainder time was that of me being on hold). I am still getting the freaking error message when I tried activating my BDO Mobile Banking. To make matters worst, upon checking my bill, it seems that I am charged for every try that I make!

[29 Mar 2011 AM] Received yet another call from the Smart Support Group (technical team, I suppose) checking if I was able to activate my BDO Mobile Banking already. I told them that I am still receiving the same error. During the course of our discussion, the CSR asked me to insert my SIM card to a “low-end” mobile phone. WTH! I told her that I do not have a “low-end” phone; I only have with me a PalmOne Treo 750 (open line), a BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Globe), and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Smart). According to her, I need to borrow (if not buy) a “low-end” phone so that she may isolate on where the problem is (thinking that the Xperia X10 Mini Pro is the culprit). We ended the discussion with her asking me to pay a visit to any Smart Wireless Center so that they may test my SIM — yet another WTH!

[29 Mar 2011 PM] At around 1700H, out of nowhere, I received an SMS stating that my BDO Mobile Banking is already activated and that my Mobile Banking Menu has been updated! Therefore, I conclude that the problem is with Smart and/or BDO, and that the issue is not related to my SIM card, nor my mobile phone unit.

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  1. where i can find the Smart Mobile Banking account menu in my blackberry? kindy nooby on my blackberry 9800 torch, thanks in advance.

  2. @shan: if you’re using a Smart Communications SIM, there should be a Smart Menu somewhere (it is represented by a SIM icon). The Mobile Banking menu should be there.

  3. hi there Bob,
    were you able to do any transactions using your mobile banking?
    i got my SMART prepaid here, it’s activated for BDO mobile banking, but i can’t do any transactions except checking my account balance.

  4. Hi,

    I have the same issue but not on Mobile banking but on SmartMoney menu. I cant do any transaction nor select any Menu inside SmartMoney. I got the same error. How did you fix your problem? I went to Smart wireless center twice to complain but until now the issue has not been resolved.

    • Hi. Found your site because of the Mobile Banking activation error message but am replying to Jobert as I have had the joy of encountering same problem.

      To Jobert: Is your SmartMoney account an actual account with a card or is it just a “virtual” account (meaning immediate activation, no card application)? If it is a “virtual” account, it is basically a temporary or receiving account where you can only do 2 transactions on. After that, you can then only view your balance on it and funnily enough, transfer funds into it but not be able to actually take out the money! Through the incompetence of Smart, I somehow got issued this “virtual” account and having already had the carded account, I thought it was all the same and did transactions on it. To cut a long story longer, I now have to or rather, I had to fill up forms to apply for a card for this account (which I didn’t ask for in the first place), pay the usual fee, wait for the card to turn up (still waiting after nearly a month) before I can withdraw the money in it and close this account. For such small money transactions, this really isn’t worth all this hassle. Really looking forward to saying goodbye to SmartMoney for good!

      Sorry, hope that made sense.

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