Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Application FAIL!

Another classic example on how mobile services in this country never fails to disappoint me …

Last 08 APR 2011, 21 days ago, I applied for a Smart Bro Pocket WiFi online, and just minutes later a certain Marc Arllan A. Laban-laban (Project Staff, Sales Strategies & System, Smart Communications, Inc.) sent me an email together with the application form. Within minutes, I sent him back the duly accomplished application form, together with all the requirements via facsimile – as instructed in the email he sent.


Upon sending the requirements and the duly accomplished application form to this Marc Arllan Laban-laban, I immediately sent an email asking for confirmation if he did received the documents – no (immediate) response was received. Three (03) days later, 11 APR 2011, I sent a follow-up email asking if this Marc Arllan Laban-laban received the application form, together with documentary requirements I sent via facsimile, and he did called me up on my mobile asking for more documentary requirements – thus, I sent him my latest Smart Gold bill.

Follow-ups from my end had been made daily, until 14 APR 2011 when this Marc Arllan Laban-laban replied to my email (a couple of them, actually) stating: “Hi sir. I apologize for late reply. I’ll follow up your application today. – Marc” – this was the last communication I received from him.

I thought that I will be able to use the Pocket WiFi during the long holiday break, but it was an exercise in futility of imagination.

Today, 29 APR 2011 – some 21 days after the application has been sent to Marc Arllan Laban-laban, I called Smart Bro Hotline to make a follow-up on whatever happened to the documents I submitted. Surprise! Surprise! Smart Bro Hotline cannot find the application form I accomplished and submitted via facsimile to Marc Arllan Laban-laban last 08 APR 2011! What a shame on me tantamount to stupidity?! I am making a follow-up and it seems that this Marc Arllan Laban-laban did not submitted the application form, together with the document requirements to the unit that will handle (will process) my application. Tried calling the number gave to me by this Marc Arllan Laban-laban, and that office (telemarketers, shame on you!) advised me that he was transferred to another department (why didn’t you just kicked him out?!) and they cannot locate my application!

Minutes after I banged the telephone to these telemarketers trying to fool around me, asking me to just drop by a Smart Wireless Center to fill-up an application form, etc. a certain Ryan Jara called my mobile telling me that his guy left an application form at home today. He asked me to accomplish the form and to submit all of the requirements to a Smart Wireless Center. WHAT?! Are you kidding?! Or are you plain STUPID?! I waited for 21 days and now you’re telling me to go back to square one?!

This is really how you treat your loyal subscribers?!

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