My first speed post for 2008.

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  1. Terrence Dominguez says:

    why do i get dizzy connection everytime it feels like smart bro is useless!

  2. evander says:

    im also using smart bro (plan 999)…and i always get dizzy everytime im downloading large files..

    pls help me on how to speed up my internet..thanks in advance

  3. alfie says:

    im also using smart bro plan 999. the download speed ranging up to 45 – 55 kBps.

  4. azl says:

    Try to tweak your IE/firefox browser and registry manually. Then use TCPOptimizer..

  5. jemly says:

    we have a good smartbro connection in our place. I don’t speak in general but I would like to give my satisfactory with smartbro!!

  6. lucky says:

    i’ll stick with smartbro!! i’ll be bias with my answer since its what i am using. i believe that it has a good connection speed

  7. hghgff says:

    smart bro sucks! Im wasting money on it!

  8. paul montejar says:

    my samrtbro is very slow in dasma cavite. What is the reason?

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