Smart Bro Installed; Fast (-enough) Connection!

Smart Bro wireless internet was installed in my place yesterday. What was advertised is 384kbps (up to 7 times faster than dial-up), but as of tonight, here is what I got:


That is based on SpeakEasy’s Internet Connection Speed Test. But according to the service technician that installed my WiFi antenna (Motorola Canopy), it may take up to 24 hours for my internet connection to eventually burst its speed up. Perhaps, I will need to wait and check my connection speed tomorrow.

Did I mentioned that it took their service technicians around 3 hours to install and configure my computer to connect with Smart Bro? They changed the installed antenna due to “some defects” three times. The antenna was installed around 60 feet off the ground (on our roof, and our house has two floors plus a 25 feet steel pipe that serves as the antenna stand).

In overall, and as of tonight, I am quite happy on my additional internet connection.

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