Sec. Pangandaman: Resign Now!

As DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman appeals to bloggers:

Appeal to bloggers

Since Bambee’s blog, the story about the incident in the golf club spread through the Internet.

Bloggers condemned and some even put up a signature campaign for Pangandaman’s resignation.

Pangandaman said his family is hurting because of the bad picture being painted on his name and family.

He appealed to bloggers to stop accusing them on the Web. The secretary even warned bloggers against karma.

“I appeal to the bloggers to stop this. They also have their families, they have parents and siblings. Our family is already hurting. I hope this doesn’t happen to you (bloggers),” the secretary said.

Get rid of traditional politicians now! Sec. Pangandaman, resign now. Being in the cabinet will have an effect on the on-going investigations about your son’s incident / brutality. Talking about karma, had you taught this to your son? Maybe, he had thought of it first before getting into such mess. Tamaan sana ng kidlat ang hindi nagsasabi ng totoo!

Now, another reason why you should resign: remember the farmers? I am not just talking a particular set of farmers, let’s talk about all farmers in general. What had happened to the lands promised to them? Is that what you call agrarian reform?

RESIGN NOW! Don’t wait for bloggers to kick you out of your post — we almost did this to the President. For your son, he should rot in jail, before going to hell!

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