How to Protect Your Gadgets This Rainy Season

The rainy season has come upon us, and with it, its unique charms—cool days and even cooler evenings that are truly welcome after the summer heat; that feel of our surroundings being fresh after a downpour; and of course, the pleasure of sipping coffee and soup with our family and friends while hearing the sound of the rain as it strikes the roof.

But this time also comes with its, no pun intended, downsides—flooded streets; more clogged traffic; and because we have seen that rain can also come sideways, practically rendering your umbrella useless, the plain risk of you getting wet, along with your belongings. Of course, when we say belongings, the first things that come to mind are those we can hardly imagine being the casualties of rain: Our gadgets, specifically our mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and our laptops. We are not stating the obvious but for many of us, these things are so expensive that replacing them when destroyed is not just a simple act of going to the store and buying a new one. The fact that we have them in the first place often entailed us saving for a long time or availing a loan. Also, the loss of a gadget means the loss of cherished memories and work data as they are often our primary cameras and work tools.

Thus, to at least minimize the peril of your precious gadgets being ruined by the rain, here are some tips from Lamudi Philippines.

1. Use Waterproof Bags

Choosing what bag to use for the day should not just be a matter of following the dictates of fashion or your own notions of what is stylish or not. Durability and the protection of your things must also be considered. In fact, these are the most important things to think about. This is particularly true during the rainy season where often, it is only your bag that lies between your things being snug and dry or them traveling the road to perdition.

In these times, it is more than wise to opt for a waterproof bag. Umbrellas may protect your head from getting wet but you cannot be sure about that with regards to your gadgets. Double the protection. Ask for waterproof bags and laptop cases when you shop. They tend to be more expensive, but certainly not as expensive as having a damaged gadget repaired or in replacing it altogether.

2. Use Waterproof Phone and Tablet Cases

For smaller gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and iPads, it is a more than a good idea to have waterproof cases. They are easily available and many are reasonably priced. Some are not too keen in using them because they transform their gadgets from being sleek hand-held wonders into unremarkable lumps of square or rectangle. Maybe that is true, but we reckon that they will regret not having waterproof cases after their iPad got wet when they were stuck in a street corner during a heavy rain or when their mobile phone accidentally fell into the pool while they were taking selfies. But the concern of waterproof cases being “unstylish” is being minimized by their constantly improving designs. Today, gadgets easily fit in waterproof cases because the latter is perfectly contoured with the former’s shape and size. But for those who do not mind bulky ones, designers have become more creative with cases patterned after famous cartoon characters and other beautiful designs. But whether perfectly contoured or bulky, having waterproof cases is indeed a must.

3. Use Waterproof Zip Pouches and Covers

For those who feel that waterproof bags and cases are somewhat not enough, they can also avail of the extra-protection offered by waterproof zip pouches and covers. Waterproof covers, also known as screen protectors, are especially great for mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. They prevent rain drops from seeping through your device when you have to operate them in the middle of the rain. They are also good alternatives for those who do not want to have waterproof cases. But it must be said that they do not offer as full a protection as the previous items.

4. Use Bluetooth Headsets

If you are someone who like to listen to music anytime and anywhere, like those who feel that they can make it through the rain, they ought to try having a Bluetooth headset. Having them allows you to listen to music and answer calls while your mobile phone is safely inside your bag.

5. Buy Waterproof Gadgets

With the constant developments of technology, waterproof mobile phones and laptops are now becoming the norm in the market. Perhaps, it is now time to consider having one. Such models are admittedly more convenient because they eliminate the need for you to buy waterproof bags and cases. You can take pictures in the rain without any worries and going near a swimming pool or to the beach will not anymore give you paranoia tendencies as far as your gadgets are concerned. Waterproof gadgets are not just instruments for communication; they also are truly tools of and for mobility.

6. Use Rain Sleeves and Umbrellas for Cameras

When we say gadgets, not many of us think of cameras, but technically, they also fall within the category. Of course, photographers do not stop shooting just because of rain. In fact, many of them take pictures of the rain. Thus, having rainsleeves and umbrellas are imperative because it allows the shooting of beautiful shots while your expensive camera gear is protected. Additional tip: For the least possible impact on light conditions and image quality, use transparent umbrellas.

There you have them! Indeed, it is good to take all the precautions that we can during the rainy season not just with our gadgets but more so, with our own selves. Doing so not just keeps our gadgets secure and ourselves safe but allows us to enjoy the true beauty of season.

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